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Vice Principals, Season 2, Episode 7 review: "Spring Break" is the perfect bro down


Vice Principals, Season 2, Episode 7 review: “Spring Break” is the perfect bro down

Gamby and Russell have the best bro-down ever.

Spring break is a time for cutting loose, forgetting about your troubles, and getting away from it all. Gamby (Danny McBride) and Russell (Walton Goggins) have done so many bad things over the last semester and a half they definitely deserve a getaway, even if they’re not 20-something college kids. This episode shows how far these two will go to cut loose, plus develops the female characters quite well. Oh, and that little mystery of who shot Gamby gets a major twist. After talking to Edi Patterson about her thoughts on who shot Gamby we’re even more excited by how this episode ends.

Before they can shove off for spring break, the episode’s opening scene is all about the immoral act that ended the last episode. With the help of Snodgrass (Georgia King ) and Nash (Dale Dickey), Gamby and Russell cheated on the all the children’s mandatory state tests so that they’d pass. To ensure they’re never caught Russell insists on a blood pact, “because those teachers would eat a baby dick to expose us we need to take this to the grave.” Just another reminder of how these characters take everything to the nth degree.

Vice Principals, Season 2, Episode 7 review: "Spring Break" is the perfect bro down

I’m actually in awe of how much is stuffed into this episode. Not only does it tie up the school test storyline, but weaves in Ms. Abbott’s (Edi Patterson) continued insanity, Snodgrass’ novel and sniveling boyfriend, the questionable parenting of Gamby, and a fantastic spring break montage of Russell and Gamby. All that said, the title is apt since these two cut loose with cocaine, strippers, and tons of immature behavior. Written by McBride, John Carcieri, and Jeff Fradley, this is a primo episode of storytelling and hilarity.

The two leads aren’t the only funny ones in this series. Edi Patterson continues to be a highlight of the show. She’s sometimes creepy, nearly always weird, and way over the top with her infatuation over Gamby. This episode raises her crazy to a new level. For instance, in one scene she rushes to tell Gamby she’s pregnant. After Gamby reacts in utter shock and slight disgust she says, “I’m not really pregnant I’m just trying to trap you.” Abbott is a gnat in Gamby’s hair and he may never get her out. She continually appears in this episode wreaking havoc and creating major issues in Gamby’s life. It’s incredibly funny.

It’s easy to forget how good the female characters and actors are in this show, but without them, it’d be half as good. King plays Snodgrass very well in this episode and continues to be a strong supporting character. It’s funny how for every insane Ms. Abbott moment, we get a controlled and very human moment from Snodgrass. The focus of this episode is on her attending a writer’s retreat with her pompous and manipulative boyfriend. Much is revealed about her boyfriend, including that all the sneering writers at the retreat think Snodgrass’ young adult novel is trash. You feel for her, but also feel happy she still has Gamby in her corner supporting her too.

Once again the episode seems to flip the script by the end and have the viewer questioning the relationships of these characters. It’s nice to see the “who shot Gamby” story come to the forefront at the end of this episode, especially since we only have 2 episodes left. It’s apt timing, since Russell and Gamby may have had their best bro down yet.

Vice Principals, Season 2, Episode 7
Is it good?
While the boys go on a spring break trip to bro it up, this episode does a great job highlighting the strong female supporting characters.
Balances the female character storylines with the male leads well
Fun to see Gamby and Russell bro-down
Drops a major twist at the end!
Edi Patterson steals every scene and when she's not on camera the show suffers!
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