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Batman #34 review: A fight comic with heart

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Batman #34 review: A fight comic with heart

Batman and Catwoman must face his ex’s goons in this excellent fight comic.

Guest writer Julius Malone reviewed the last issue of this fine series, but I couldn’t put issue #33 in his hands. It’s just too important! Batman and Catwoman, or Bat and Cat as they affectionately call each other, are in the desert surrounded by Talia al Ghul’s minions. Just another day for the Bat/Cat team up!

So what’s it about?

The official summary reads:

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“DREAM OF ME” part two! Batman is on a quest in the desert, far from his Gotham City home. His friends and allies think he’s gone crazy, and his mission puts him far outside the law. Waiting for him at the center of the chaos is an old enemy…and plenty of old demons.

Why does this matter?

Where Joëlle Jones goes I go as she’s one of the best artists in comics today. Tom King is incredible at balancing script with art, allowing the artist to do the visual part so damn well. Enter this Indiana Jones style story that exists in a post-engaged Batman and Catwoman narrative and there’s a lot to love here.

Fine, you have my attention. What’s good about it?

Batman #34 review: A fight comic with heart
Love a 9 panel layout. Love it!

If you open a comic with a 9 panel layout you’re in good hands. This issue indeed opens with Bat and Cat going back and forth on the enemy they are facing and the definition of “a lot” of baddies. There’s a nice rapport between these characters that King plays with delectably throughout the issue and given the threat of death it’s a nice way to remind us these characters are seasoned fighters. The entire issue focuses on this fight with masked Talia al Ghul henchmen with some nice cut aways to Talia herself. Since we’re all focused on the Bat/Cat relationship Talia adds an interesting layer to the battle and the dialogue. There’s a bit of jealousy, a bit of curiosity, much like anyone has when discussing a lover’s ex and that adds to the overall entertainment of the issue.

Speaking of Talia, dang is she frightening in this issue. King and Jones make her emotionless and incredibly dangerous due to her cold nature. She’s a nicely juxtaposed with Catwoman who is all fun and smiles even in the face of death. Plus the issue ends on a cliffhanger that’ll have you wanting to see the figurative and literal cat fight that’s coming.

Jones draws beautifully and the layouts enhance the action well. There’s a lot of slashing panels that cut diagonally across the page that add to the somewhat chaotic nature of fighting multiple baddies at once. Batman looks cool as hell in his trenchcoat and goggled look and Catwoman’s bodice looks rather cool even if it’s not the most functional desert garment.

Batman #34 review: A fight comic with heart
Catwoman is looking sick.

It can’t be perfect can it?

One may argue there isn’t a lot to this issue. Essentially it’s two fight scenes intermixed with dialogue and a brief cut away to a few other characters to check in on. By the end of the issue I was entertained and enjoyed the experience, but I was also well aware the needle didn’t move too much either.

Is It Good?

Highly enjoyable fight scenes and dialogue make this an issue well worth a look. It’s setting up one hell of a figurative and literal cat fight.

Batman #34 review: A fight comic with heart
Batman #34
Is it good?
A strong issue though it doesn't move the plot forward all that much.
Excellent fight scenes by Jones
King has a way of balancing the dialogue and plotting so the art can sing
Sets up one hell of a cat fight!
Doesn't move the plot forward all that much

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