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Unboxing/Review: Mezco One:12 Collective classic Spider-Man figure

The recently released Mezco Spider-Man is finally here.

The long-awaited Mezco One:12 Collective Classic Spider-Man is finally here! After pre-ordering this way back in February of 2017, Mezco is finally shipping preorders. Funnily enough we reviewed the Ultimate Spider-Man from Mezco in July, even though it was up for preorder long after this figure. Either way, we’re pumped to be adding a highly detailed and well-made Spidey to our action figure collection.

Much like the Miles Morales figure, this Mezco toy comes with a cloth costume, webs, additional hands, and a stand. Bonus, however, is that it comes with a second head, as seen in Spider-Man’s first appearance.

Check out our full unboxing below:

As you can see, we liked this figure. The additional head is a nice touch and the cloth doesn’t cover the entire body which makes the arms and legs seamless with the plastic hands and feet. It’s interesting that the feet have a wide sneaker-like bottom, which might put off purists. The color is also duller than is usually customary for Spider-Man figures. That said, the detail texture of the black webs on the mask and arms is very nice and makes the toy feel expensive. It comes with your standard webs and hands so you have pretty much all you need to pose this figure.

As with other Mezco toys, the cloth can bunch awkwardly in certain poses and this figure has a thicker textured cloth that competes with the nylon a bit. It does force the webs to stay solid and clean, but it also can poof out and look awkward. It’s remedied by changing the pose or even pressing down the cloth.

Overall we dug this toy and as you can see in the gallery below it fits right in with our growing Spider-Man collection.

If you’re interested in Mezco’s One:12 collective figures also check out our review of X-Men Deadpool, Classic Deadpool, and Ultimate Spider-Man.

Is it good?
Solidly constructed and worth the wait.
Great head sculpt and the second classic look will make this a must for Spider-Man fans who want it all
The black webs on the plastic portions has a thickness that gives it another layer of realism
Adequate extra hands and webs (and as always the stand that comes with it is great!)
Very posable figure
The sneaker feet are a bit unconventional for a Spider-Man figure. He's also way less muscular than a conventional figure and has darker colors
The cloth can bunch or poof out in different poses
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