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Old Man Hawkeye #2 Review

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Old Man Hawkeye #2 Review

Hawkeye gets a lead in this interesting western meets superheroes story.

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Old Man Hawkeye should be on your radar if you have any interest in Old Man Logan. Not only does it take place in the same universe, but it also aims to tell a story that’ll reveal more about the many heroes who died in it. Ethan Sacks and Marco Checchetto are also weaving a chase story into the mix to keep the tension high. Giddyup.

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So what’s it about?

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Why does this matter?

Last issue had some cool reveals involving heroes (and villains) we know and love so if you dig elseworld tales you’ll really enjoy this. Weaved into all this is a story about Hawkeye and his family and the waning days of heroes.

Fine, you have my attention. What’s good about it?

Old Man Hawkeye #2 Review
The last thing you’ll see before you die.

Bullseye is a bad dude. Guy murders with impunity and does so with a badge on his chest. He opens this issue and serves as a reminder we’re in a western setting. Sacks utilizes his interrogation skills to prove how evil and soulless he is and also shows this via his cybernetic abilities. A man who can’t taste meat is no man at all and Bullseye explains that in an interesting bit of dialogue.

Intercut with this scene is Hawkeye attempting to collect information from a classic villain. Hawkeye hasn’t lost any of his grace and comes in guns a blazing–more or less–which is rendered very well by Checchetto’s art. The use of purple in this sequence is a nice way to harken back to Hawkeye’s older days of being an upstanding hero. Other highlights from the art include an impressive villain’s lair, a very cool Symbiote shot utilizing wispy webs, and some great first-person views from Bullseye’s HUD.

Old Man Hawkeye #2 Review
Hawkeye pulls off that Nazgûl look wonderfully.

It can’t be perfect can it?

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This is a very decompressed story. All told this issue has three scenes (four if you count a quick aside between Bullseye and Hawkeye’s daughter). It’s no wonder this story is going to be a 12 parter because at the pace it’s going there isn’t much to it. Each issue certainly serves a purpose, but I just wished it’d move along a whole lot faster. Customary of superhero comics a way to pad out a story is to give the hero some no-name baddies to fight. Hawkeye’s fight scene offers that and while it’s well choreographed it’s still a pointless time filler.

Is It Good?

Can someone get this show on the road? At the speed this story moves it’s becoming very clear buying this in the collected format is going to be the way to go. It’s not a bad story and the art is great, but there isn’t enough here to warrant a four dollar purchase. If you have the spare cash you might as well dig in though. This is an inspired combination of western meets superheroes.

Old Man Hawkeye #2 Review
Old Man Hawkeye #2
Is it good?
It's good, but just barely because it's so darn slow. Speed it up folks!
The villain chasing hero chasing villain plot is working well
The art is solid. That Symbiote design is wicked!
Interesting details about Bullseye shine through
It's decompressed so much barely a thing happens

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