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Luke Hemsworth talks season two of Westworld, praises fellow cast and "generous, giving, knowledgeable" Jonathan Nolan


Luke Hemsworth talks season two of Westworld, praises fellow cast and “generous, giving, knowledgeable” Jonathan Nolan

Luke Hemsworth talks season two of ‘Westworld’.

AiPT! and a couple other members of the press sat down with Luke Hemsworth a couple days ago (we also interviewed Angela Sarafyan), who plays Ashley Stubbs, Head of Security at Westworld. Last we saw Stubbs, he was jumped by Ghost Nation and his fate was left up in the air. It was later confirmed that he would be alive and well in season two, and confirmed yet again with actual video footage during Jonathan Nolan’s “spoiler” video a few days ago. We caught up with Luke, who was a pleasure to speak to, about the upcoming season. There are a couple noted spoilers from the season two premiere. Read on at your own risk.

AiPT!: In the season two premiere, [SPOILERS] we see Stubbs presumably a couple weeks in the future from where we ended (season one). [END SPOILERS] Over the course of the season, are we going to find out what happened to him from the point in season one when got jumped by the Native Americans (Ghost Nation) to this point?

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Luke Hemworth: Yeah…yeah, there’s definitely a cool journey there.

Hemsworth then laughs, jokingly stutters over his words knowing he can’t reveal any more, and then continues with “Yes, you will find out things!”

AiPT!: When you get the scripts, do they keep things out so that you don’t know some of the big twists?

“Yeah. They do all sorts of things. Change things at the last minute, switch scenes around. It’s a huge beast and I think they’re figuring certain things out as they go. It’s constantly evolving.”

We somehow wander off into talking about the extras on set and how the ones that just have to stand around naked have a somewhat good gig.

LH: One of my first days was in Cold Storage, and there were about 100 extras, all completely nude. I’m thinking, “How do I work my way through this? Eyes up! Pardon me, pardon me.” (Laughs)

Another member of the press asks if Hemsworth ever had any reservations about the show (would it work?) in the early days before it premiered given its complex and strange story.

LH: I never had any reservations. I think a lot of my team did. There was a lot of talk about problems that were going on behind the scenes. But as soon as I read it, I knew it was good. And then I saw the pilot, and I was like “This is so good. It’s like nothing I’ve ever seen.”

He mentions how he think some of the best acting on the show are when the hosts are in diagnostics, and a lot of their performances come from their eyes.

LH: I’m excited to see the performances. I’m a big fan of all of this cast. I tell my wife, “Watch this it’s going to be epic!” It’s good watching her watch it.

AiPT!: So they’re all great to work with?

LH: They’re assholes! (Laughs) No, I know it sounds so cliche, but there’s literally not one person that I want to fight. (Laughs) …Except for James Marsden. No, actually the Skarsgards. We’re going to throw down with the Skarsgards!

A press member proposes a Hemsworth brothers versus Skarsgard brothers throw down.

LH: That’s right! Yes, yes. (Laughs)

He was then asked if [SPOILERS] Gustaf Skarsgard’s character in the season two premiere is supposed to be one of the higher ups at Delos (the subsidiary that runs Westworld). [END SPOILERS] Hemsworth doesn’t reveal anything, knowing he can’t say much.

AiPT!: Are there any funny or interesting stories that have ever happened to you on set for Westworld?

LH: Me and Jeffrey (Wright) spend a lot of time together. He’s quite political, so I like to laugh at him raving and ranting. (Doing his best Jeffrey impression) “Look at this f-----g guy! F--k! Come on!”

When asked if he had seen the now infamous Rickroll by Jonathan Nolan earlier this week, Hemsworth didn’t really know about it.

LH: People don’t tell me this stuff! Classic, Stubbs being left in the dark over here.

He then told us a joke Nolan played on set with him this past season.

LH: Jonathan actually told me off this season. He said, “That’s it! You only get one question. One question per day.” I’d say “What about this?” and he’d go “Nope. You had your one question.”

Elaborating on his feelings about Nolan, Hemsworth genuinely had nothing but great things to say about him.

LH: He’s the most generous, giving, knowledgable person I’ve ever met I think. He’s a joy to be around. When he’s on set it’s like “Oh f--k yeah, thank god.” Because he has every answer. And if he’s got the time, he’ll talk about it…he’s very open to suggestions, but he’s also very precise. They do a lot of prep.

AiPT!: It’s one of the couple shows where it feels understandable that, I know everyone was crying about “oh my god, it’s going to be a year and a half until it comes back”, but it needs it.

LH: Yeah. And I think the writers need some time to debrief from it. (Impersonating the writers) “Will you go back to writing?” “F--k no!” (Laughs)

Asked if it feels like it’s been a long time for him, he says:

LH: So long. We shot the pilot in 2014. It’s crazy. But it’s so good, because it’s here (in Los Angeles). I can go back to my bed, back to my kids, back to my wife.

AiPT!: How long did it take to shoot all of season two?

LH: About six months. We shot right up until January.

Asked by another member of the press if all the actors in Westworld found out they were hosts tomorrow, who would lead the revolution?

LH: Jeffrey Wright for sure…or, no, probably Evan (Rachel Wood). She’s a crusader. Not me, I just follow. (Laughs) Just so long as I can wear a sword, then I’m good.

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