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The Incredible Hulk #715 Review

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The Incredible Hulk #715 Review

It’s a war for Cho’s soul in The Incredible Hulk #715.

Maddy Cho attempts to stop her brother’s rampage in The Incredible Hulk #715. Can the siblings work it out? Is it good?

The Incredible Hulk #715 opens immediately where its predecessor left off as Hulk continues to put the beatdown on Prince Phalkan as the world watches. After dismissing both Agent Woo and T’Challa, Maddy Cho immediately heads out after her brother, knowing that something has gone wrong.

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While the previous issue felt a little flat due to the lack of interaction between Cho and his Hulk persona, those concerns are directly addressed in this issue as Pak nicely bounces the two off one another. Writer Greg Pak really digs into the Jekyll-Hyde aspect of the Hulk mythos here, as Cho has to philosophically battle his inner demons. Artist Carlo Barberi does a great job with the blocking of these scenes, emphasizing Cho’s small size compared to the Hulk monstrosity, and inker Walden Wong gives heavy shadows to Hulk’s eyes, making him appear almost demonic in these scenes.

The Incredible Hulk #715 Review

Though The Incredible Hulk #715 is focused more on the internal conflict between Cho and Hulk, Carlo Barberi gets a lot of mileage out of the action in the opening pages as Prince Phalkan’s lackeys descend on Hulk. These are mostly smaller panels, but Barberi is still able to capture Hulk’s power and supremacy in these moments.

The issue comes to a head as Maddy Cho, Alpha Flight, Miles Morales and Kamala Khan all descend separately on Hulk. Fearing for her brother (and for everyone else), Maddy takes charge, attempting to reach the real Amadeus through Hulk. While the other characters get some decent lines, the issue stays focused on Amadeus, Hulk, and Maddy. It’s nice to see that familial bond take center stage in the issue.

Is It Good?

While not as action-packed as its predecessor, The Incredible Hulk #715 gives more drama to the arc and ups the personal stakes as the inner conflict between Cho and Hulk gets more time. Greg Pak clearly establishes the direction for this arc, and artists Carlo Barberi and Walden Wong get the most out of the drama by highlighting the physical differences between Cho and Hulk. The arc might be called “World War Hulk II” but it is really a war for Cho’s soul.

The Incredible Hulk #715 Review
The Incredible Hulk #715
Is it good?
Action gives way to a dramatic showdown between Cho and his Hulk persona all while family and friends descend towards Amadeus.
The Cho/Hulk dynamic is great and Carlo Barberi and Walden Wong have a great way of visualizing it.
Pak really builds up the Jekyll-Hyde aspect of the Hulk mythos while also adding drama thanks to Maddy's presence.
Not really a negative, but if you wanted the blockbuster action of the previous issue, this issue won't quite scratch that itch.

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