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Unboxing/Review: Loot Crate April 2018


Unboxing/Review: Loot Crate April 2018

Spring is finally here and so is this month’s Loot Crate!

Spring is finally here! I don’t know about the rest of you, but us New Englanders have had one hell of a winter. This is our first week that the temperature is consistently above 40 degrees. Besides nice weather is there a better way can there be to celebrate the end of winter than unboxing a Loot Crate? If there is I’m certainly not aware of it.

For those of you who aren’t familiar with Loot Crate, it’s a subscription service made for the nerds of the world. Once a month you’re shipped a box with a t-shirt and handful of other collectibles, with themes ranging from video games to television, film and comics. Shipping woes aside, the bang is typically very much worth the buck. For the price of a t-shirt you’ll get a box of goodies that come in all sorts of themes and gimmicks. Alright, enough chatter. Let’s dig in.

If you live in a box and/or don’t use the internet then you may not be aware that Avengers: Infinity War is out in less than a week. Thankfully the folks at Loot Crate are well aware and this month’s crate sure does show it. The Loot Crate box always sports a different theme and design, this month’s turns into an Infinity Gauntlet.

Unboxing/Review: Loot Crate April 2018

Full disclosure I used tape to keep it together.

The Infinity War party doesn’t stop there. Every month you’re guaranteed a nerdy shirt and this month’s shirt didn’t disappoint. It’s quite simply awesome. Thanos sits atop a throne surrounded by skulls, his golden armor has a nice glitter effect that’s not overkill and the design is very cartoonish, but not too cartoonish. As I said, quite simply awesome.

Weta workshop provides a Loot Crate exclusive Lord of the Rings collectible figure in the form of Frodo Baggins. It’s extremely well done and easily worth the cost of the entire crate, I’d have gladly paid even more to get my hands on this figure. The one and only complaint I have is why would you put this gorgeous figure atop a flimsy cheap little piece of plastic? It deserves so much better.

Three small items bring up the rear. There’s a Legend of Zelda map that doesn’t appear to be representing anyone specific game, instead it has elements of several. Need to send a card for any occasion? There’s Dark Crystal blank cards with utterly fantastic artwork and of course envelopes to send them in.

Last and certainly least is the pin. It’s in the shape of a chalice with “LC” for Loot Crate inscribed. The back of the packaging instructs you to go to and tells you it will unlock something epic! The page automatically directs you to a Comixology Loot Crate partnership page for free comics. Don’t get me wrong, I love free comics as much as the next guy. But this has literally nothing to do with the pin. Comixology gives away free comics monthly through a myriad of sources. It’s already advertised in the loot crate totally separate of the pin as well. Couldn’t we have gotten a Triforce or Infinity Gauntlet pin instead? Lame.

Overall this month’s Loot Crate was pretty fantastic. My gripes with the pin and Frodo figure base aside, everything inside the box was awesome. It’s nice to see Loot Crate recognize Infinity War, as it’s a huge event within the nerd community and everyone is clamoring to get their hands on merchandise. If you don’t like Lord of the Rings then you quite frankly aren’t a proper nerd, so I don’t see how any right minded person couldn’t absolutely love this Frodo collectible. It’s easily the best item I’ve ever gotten from a Loot Crate. Next month’s crate has big shoes to fill. Now go buy your Infinity War tickets if you haven’t already.

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Unboxing/Review: Loot Crate April 2018
Is it good?
Frodo collectible figure from Weta Workshop is gorgeous.
Thanos shirt is quite simply AWESOME.
Super neat Legend of Zelda map. Not sure which game it's referencing if any, but who cares, it's that cool.
Frodo figure is amazing, why is the plastic he stands on so bad?!
The pin was a dissapointment. Don't get me wrong I love free comics, but it feels like an unecessary advertisement to get you on Comixology.

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