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DC Nation #0 Review: At 25 cents it's a steal

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DC Nation #0 Review: At 25 cents it’s a steal

DC Nation #0 collects three great small stories as primers for this summer and is worth way more than its meager price tag.

DC Nation #0 features three short stories related to three of the biggest stories coming up in DC. The first is a Joker tale by writer Tom King and artist Clay Mann which is chilling to read. The second is a Superman story by Brian Michael Bendis and Jose Luis Garcia-Lopez which sets the stage for the upcoming Man of Steel story leading into Bendis’ run on Superman and Action Comics; Bendis sets up interesting story beats for what’s coming forward and seeing Garcia-Lopez come out of retirement to draw this story is fantastic as it makes it feel all that much more real. The third and final story is a No Justice primer by Scott Snyder and Jorge Jimenez to set up for the start of that four issue mini event next week. The art by Jimenez has a vibrant and cosmic feel while Snyder continues his epic vibe from Metal, making it a fun ride.

So what’s it about?

The official summary reads:

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Just in time for Free Comic Book Day, this special comic priced at just $0.25 features three brand-new stories from a lineup of superstar talent–and each tale serves as a prelude to some of the biggest DC events of 2018!

First, find out how The Joker reacts when he discovers Catwoman has turned her back on crime and plans to marry his archnemesis. Can the Clown Prince of Crime stand to see Batman happy? Writer Tom King and artist Clay Mann set up the events that lead to BATMAN #50!

Then, DARK NIGHTS: METAL shook the DC Universe to its deepest foundations–now it’s time to rejoin legendary writer Scott Snyder, along with all-star artist Jorge Jimenez and co-writers James Tynion IV and Joshua Williamson, for the prelude to JUSTICE LEAGUE: NO JUSTICE! Discover what universe-shattering mysteries have emerged from the most wondrous and chaotic corners of the cosmos to hunt the Justice League in DC’s summer blockbuster event!

And get your first glimpse at Superman’s new world in this exclusive preview of the upcoming six-issue miniseries MAN OF STEEL, written by Brian Michael Bendis with art by José Luis García-López. With Truth, Justice and the American Way all under attack, both Superman and Clark Kent find there’s never been a more important time to stand up for what they believe in

Tell me about it!

I guess I’ll go in order of the stories in this book as I talk about them.

First up is “Your Big Day” by King and Mann. This is the second time that Tom’s written the Joker and the first time it’s been set in the modern day. I actually really like the way King writes Joker as obsessed over Batman and seeing himself as a large part of Batman’s life and something he couldn’t be without. The interactions between the Joker and Roger through the issue are chilling as you can feel the terror inside the latter at what the former will do to him and his family over such a trivial and confusing thing as the wedding invitation arriving at his home rather than anywhere else. The Joker’s jokes are both funny and exactly as “dad” like as King had previously mentioned.

Next up is “Office Space” by Bendis and Garcia-Lopez. This story gives us a sneak peak into how Bendis is going to write the Daily Planet and it has raised my excitement for it tenfold. The interactions through the office are all natural and feel like genuine reactions. While this story is a set up for Man of Steel at the end of the month, it does leave some questions open that’ll likely be answered within the miniseries. The invention of a new villain to challenge Clark rather than Superman is interesting too as I’m curious to see how it is going forward.

Last but not least is “No Justice: Prelude” by Snyder and Jimenez. If you liked the balls to the wall fun and mini insanity that was the majority of Metal, you’re going to love this event. This issue is setting up the teams and letting you know who is who. I’m gonna say right off the bat that Starro is the best reinvention done in the past few years. The space starfish that acts like an obnoxious jock is hilarious and I really hope he’s continued to be written this way beyond this event and Snyder’s time with the character. He’s funny and just one of the most fun characters I’ve seen recently and it’d be a shame for DC to not continue to use him.

Overall, DC Nation #0 is a steal for only 25 cents or your regional equivalent and is worth just as much as a $3 regular comic due to how much it has.

DC Nation #0 Review: At 25 cents it's a steal
DC Nation #0
Is it good?
Every story in this book is great and is the creative teams bringing their A game.
Tom King's story with Clay Mann's art is chilling to both read and look at as the art and story match perfectly.
Bendis' story and Garcia-Lopez's art is fantastic to read and builds up for Man of Steel.
Snyder and Jimenez keep both the art and the writing of No Justice: Prelude to the fun aspect that they brought with Metal.
Twenty five cents for this issue is a steal.

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