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Justice League: No Justice #3 Review

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Justice League: No Justice #3 Review

The Justice League is trying to save a planet and it may all rest on Starro to save them all. Wait what?!

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The penultimate issue is here for Justice League: No Justice as the heroes attempt to work out how to stop a god-like alien from destroying Brainiac’s planet. Just another Wednesday for these heroes, right? This latest issue is drawn by Riley Rossmo and Marcus To, so prepare for some epic double page layouts.

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So what’s it about?

The official summary reads:

Starfire makes a crushing discovery, Beast Boy uncovers a shocking betrayal, and Cyborg and Wonder Woman are forced to make decisions that will have devastating repercussions for all four teams…and potentially for those they left behind on Earth.

Why does this matter?

This is a mini-event with huge implications as far as where these characters go from here. It’s also written by three of the best writers in the business — Scott Snyder, James Tynion IV, and Joshua Williamson — so prepare for good character writing.

Fine, you have my attention. What’s good about it?

Justice League: No Justice #3 Review

Lex is turning out to be more of a villain than he has in years.

This issue starts to dig into the implications of losing the leader of the operation in the first issue and his backup revealing the truth. Keen readers will start to see the implications of this event for certain characters and how the bigger universe may change as well. As far as this issue though, the heroes must buckle down and save Brainiac’s planet or die trying. It’s interesting to see how the characters overcome and take on the conflicts at hand while at the same time witnessing the potential doom of Earth.

The biggest surprise of this issue comes with Starro and how interesting he can be. Last issue saw a bit of this with Martian Manhunter and Starro conversing and there’s some interesting character development taking place that’ll almost make you want Starro on the Justice League team. The character plays a big part in attacking the god-alien threat and his casual dialogue style makes him relatable. That’s saying something given he’s a giant star with a big eye.

The art is split between Riley Rossmo for the first half and Marcos To on the second half. Rossmo’s style is a bit more controlled here with a heavy use of his Ben-Day dots to give it that old school comic feel. He kills it on a double page layout of Brainiac explaining things to the heroes. In the second half To does a good job with a cataclysmic moment in a double page splash page. In the last page, To nails the dire situation, which helps set up the next issues high stakes.

Justice League: No Justice #3 Review

You’re going to love Starro in this series.

It can’t be perfect can it?

The overall pace of this series is slow, which is especially evident in Green Arrow and Waller’s place in the story. These two characters basically stand around staring at each other serving as a way to cut away from the heroes to increase tension, but it’s of little consequence to their actions or dialogue. The heroes don’t get much further than they did in the last issue either. One could argue this entire mini would be stronger as two issues instead of four.

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Speaking of the heroes, for a team book, the story doesn’t utilize that many characters. Most are standing around or have little to say with the focus being on Cyborg, Wonder Woman, and Starro. Given the task at hand it makes sense there’d be less focus on the teams, but it’d be nice to see the dynamics and teamwork regardless.

Is it good?

This is a good issue and does a good job setting up the climactic final issue. The visuals are sharp and colorful with some interesting developments that’ll change the course of stories and characters for the foreseeable future.

Justice League: No Justice #3 Review
Justice League: No Justice #3
Is it good?
A good issue with strong visuals and some big implications for the DC universe.
You're going to fall in love with Starro
Well drawn book through and through
Some major developments in the DCU have character and universe implications
This is turning out to be a slower paced story with plot moving forward very little

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