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Hunt For Wolverine: Weapon Lost #2 Review

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Hunt For Wolverine: Weapon Lost #2 Review

The hunt for Wolverine requires a lot of false starts.

“Weapon Lost” was kicked off last week with Charles Soule writing and Matteo Buffagni drawing. Together they created a good noir style detective yarn with two conventional detectives and Daredevil on the literal hunt for Wolverine. Cypher joined their crew (who is now addicted to the internet like it’s crack) and they’re hot on Wolverine’s tail. Or so they think.

So what’s it about?

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Why does this matter?

This is one of a few miniseries all building towards the triumphant return of Wolverine to the Marvel universe. Do you really need any more reason?

Fine, you have my attention. What’s good about it?

Hunt For Wolverine: Weapon Lost #2 Review

Sweet globe.

This issue progresses the detective story ever so slightly with each of the main characters shaking down contacts and narrowing down their locations. You see, last issue Cypher revealed Wolverine has been everywhere around the globe. This may have something to do with him jumping around with the Infinity Stone, or maybe something else is afoot. Regardless, the story continues to be dark and noir in its scope.

Buffagni obviously is a big reason why the book looks like it does be it the angle on the heroes or the amount of darkness in a panel. This is a story set in the real world of Marvel in real bars, hospitals, and campgrounds and Buffagni does a good job making these environments look realistic.

Hunt For Wolverine: Weapon Lost #2 Review

Find the clues, find Logan, right? Wrong.

It can’t be perfect can it?

The story is growing a bit tiresome in how it is biding its time to find Wolverine. Obviously, the characters are getting themselves into a bigger problem they have yet to understand, but I’m not even sure what they’re tracking is Logan let alone that it will lead them to him. A lot of the exploits in this issue are dead ends, too, which exasperates the going nowhere feel. Maybe these leads will add up to something, but even the cliffhanger leaves you wondering if you’re any closer to Wolverine or not.

Is it good?

A dark and moody issue that gets into the weeds of being a detective, warts and all. I can’t say this issue was as intriguing as the first since it seems to be biding its time for an eventual big reveal (that will somehow tie into the other miniseries). As it stands you’ll want more and won’t be sure you’ll ever get it.

Hunt For Wolverine: Weapon Lost #2
Is it good?
A good-looking book, but it's growing tiresome as it gets nowhere.
Looks great, especially the dark tone and environments
Cypher is the most interesting character in the bunch
The acts in this issue don't seem to go anywhere and you'll grow tired of this slow burn mystery

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