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Stranger things have happened.


WWE campaigning for Emmy nomination with ‘For Your Consideration’ event

Stranger things have happened.

WWE has been making waves in the entertainment industry as of late — between a soaring stock price and a mammoth broadcasting deal with FOX, the world’s top pro wrestling company is looking to get back in the mainstream consciousness. This apparently includes searching for the television mainstay’s first Emmy nomination, according to Forbes.

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While WWE has been on television for decades, and Monday Night Raw is one of the longest running shows in history, the company’s programming has never been considered for an Emmy Award. WWE thinks it’s time that changed, and is hosting its inaugural “For Your Consideration” Emmy event in Hollywood tonight.

The event will feature appearances by Triple H, Stephanie McMahon, The Bella Twins and Ronda Rousey. The red carpet event will include private screenings of the special 25th anniversary episode of Monday Night Raw, the WWE Network documentary WWE 24: Empowered, and the Mixed Match Challenge. So while many assumed this campaign would be for the categories of live production, or set design, or something along those lines, it looks like WWE is putting their faith in their programming to earn the nod.

While WWE earning an Emmy nomination for its weekly programming, which is seen as low-brow by critics and bland by even its most ardent fans, seems unlikely, be honest: a couple years ago, did you think we’d be talking about $60 stock prices and billion dollar SmackDown deals? Stranger things have happened.

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