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Old Man Logan #43 Review

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Old Man Logan #43 Review

Old Man Logan must face Bullseye and do it with a power set that is failing him. Uh oh.

Today a monumental day for Marvel Comics has occurred: Juan E. Ferreyra has joined the publisher after working with DC on Green Arrow. His work there was inspired, beautiful, and very unique. Now he’s jumping on a new arc of Old Man Logan by series regular Ed Brisson to deliver very pretty pictures of Bullseye and Logan doing very bad things.

So what’s it about?

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Why does this matter?

Aside from Ferreyra this book also has a new arc going for it that ties back to the excellent “The Colombian Connection” storyline. If you haven’t read that I recommend you do. This story is also very creepy and pushes Logan into a situation even he may not get out of.

Fine, you have my attention. What’s good about it?

Old Man Logan #43 Review

Hmmm this can’t end well.

Can I just say how pretty this issue is right up front? Ferreyra draws (or is it paints?) in a way that is vivid and sometimes moving. His use of shadow helps cast a darker tone on the characters and his Bullseye is seriously freaky to look at. He’s depicted like the Joker here, but he can kill you from 100 yards away with a thumbtack. Now that’s scary. There is also a very cool layout in one scene with Bullseye on a phone that links his talking in a new way I’ve never seen.

The story plays into “The Colombian Connection” very well as if it’s the next chapter in that story. Logan is also undergoing a major conflict of his own that may spell the end for him down the line. If his ailment is starting here you may want to pick this up just so you aren’t in the dark if Marvel phases him out. Bullseye is freaky as hell in this issue too. He’s not just a killer, but a killer who revels in the torture of others. He’s the kind of villain a hero like Logan should put down for good and that makes the chase even better.

Old Man Logan #43 Review

Logan was always good at brooding.

It can’t be perfect can it?

If you haven’t read “The Columbian Connection” the weight of a big death and a character from that story entering this one may be lost on you. I don’t think it’s required, but it helps you to really dig in and enjoy this one.

My only other issue with this comic is the layout design. It’s fine, don’t get me wrong, but the stuff Ferreyra was doing in Green Arrow was a masterwork. The design of the layout was a piece of art in itself. That’s not really done here. Green Arrow‘s excellence spoiled me!

Is it good?

A enjoyed this issue for a variety of reasons, between the art, the villain, and the way it ties into a past story that’s quite good. This is a comic that is made stronger because of the serial storytelling format. Brisson and Ferreyra are at the top of their game and are not shy about showing us. Bullseye is haunting and only Logan is capable of putting him down for good. Bring it on.

Old Man Logan #43 Review
Old Man Logan #43
Is it good?
A fantastic first issue in an arc best read after reading Ed Brisson's Bullseye miniseries.
Really beautiful work from Ferreyra
Ties well into Brisson's Bullseye story
Sets up one hell of a scary Bullseye
If you haven't read "The Colombian Connection" you may feel a tad lost
Ferreyra's layout designs aren't QUITE as gorgeous as his work on Green Arrow

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