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The Flash #50 brings back a classic Flash character

A new hero joins Flash’s lineup.

SPOILERS ahead. You’ve been warned.

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It’s easy to lose track of how many Flash characters there are in the DCU. You’ve got Barry Allen, Wally West, and Kid Flash just to name the big three running around in the current series. Buckle up readers, because a classic 1990s Flash is making a comeback.

In Flash #50, Joshua Williamson reveals a shattered force barrier changes everything for characters who tap into the Speed Force. There’s also the Still Force which is making waves in Justice League too. The situation for Flash is more complicated than ever.

That extends to readers who are trying to keep track of their flashes because none other than Impulse is making his return to DC Comics this week!

Artist Howard Porter gives him big anime-style eyes and a lot of pep in this panel. It’s not confirmed if Bart Allen is calling himself Impulse yet, but let’s just hope he doesn’t call himself Kid Flash since the DCU already has one of those right now.

You can read Flash #50 digitally today.


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