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We unbox the impressive SDCC 2018 Optimal Optimus Transformer.


Unboxing: 2018 SDCC Transformers: Power of the Primes Throne of the Primes

We unbox the impressive SDCC 2018 Optimal Optimus Transformer.

Hasbro was kind enough to hook us up with their San Diego Comic-Con exclusive toys to both unbox and share with our viewers. A special thanks to Hasbro for giving me this toy to check out.

First up is the Transformers: Generations Power of the Primes Optimal Optimus, Throne of the Primes figure. This toy is massive, the box is seriously huge, and it’s a figure that would have been very hard to pack if we were lucky enough to snatch it at SDCC this year.

Check out the full unboxing and the transformations I created in the process below:

This is the kind of figure, and maybe this is the case with all Transformers, that I didn’t fully appreciate until I got into the transforming process. Making a hoverboard, gorilla, Optimal Optimus, and Optimus Primal was a lot of fun. You have to respect the engineering that goes into making a toy like this. The scepter is also impressive containing four mini Transformers if you’re to the challenge. Even the box, which comes with a detailed throne is quite cool. It took about 40 minutes to transform this figure into its main form (with other variations yet to be explored), further increasing the value of the toy. While it is sold on the Hasbro toy shop, it’s not available right now. We have seen it pop up on Amazon, although for far more money than is the retail price. I’d recommend picking it up though if it ever pops up again.

A few nitpicks might include getting the figure out of the box. He’s really in there and cutting him out can easily damage the box. The plastic feels a tad cheap too, although it’s nice and light so transforming it is a breeze.

2018 SDCC Transformers Power of the Primes THRONE OF THE PRIMES
Is it good?
A pretty sick toy, especially when you start transforming it. A gorilla Transformer riding a hoverboard? Nuff said!
This toy can transform in a lot of ways!
The mini Transformers are a nice touch, especially how they tuck into the scepter
The packaging acts as the throne (and the spinning dial is well made)
The packaging can be quite a labor get through
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