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"It's like painting with tools basically." an interview with cosplayer Scarlett Rose at FAN EXPO Boston


“It’s like painting with tools basically.” an interview with cosplayer Scarlett Rose at FAN EXPO Boston

Sword fighter, leather worker and cosplaying are just a few of her many talents.

Jack of all trades (and master of many). That’s the impressive I was left with of cosplayer Scarlett Rose after our interview this past last weekend at FAN EXPO Boston. I don’t know that I’ve ever met someone with so many difficult and interesting hobbies. Sword fighting, leather working and cosplay are just a few to name, but I don’t want to spoil everything for you. If you want to know the rest you’ll just have to read this awesome interview!

AiPT!: Tell us a little bit about where you’re from and how you like to spend your time when you aren’t cosplaying.

Scarlett: I’m originally from New York and I was in Florida for the last 15 years or so. I now live in Pennsylvania. I started cosplaying about 15 years ago at Renaissance fairs and kind of segwayed into this accidentally. In my spare time I enjoy horseback riding, archery, sword fighting (yup she’s a badass!), all sorts of random stuff. Just a few random things here and there [laughs]. A jack of all trades. Outside of here I’m a pretty quiet person.

AiPT!: If you could give yourself a nerd origin story, what would it look like?

Scarlett: Gosh I dunno, I feel like it would be a happy version of Katniss’ story. [laughs] I relate to her a lot, so probably something with her that’s mixed with Final Fantasy. That sounds good.


AiPT!: How did you get started with the world of all things nerd? Was it through books, video games, table top gaming?

Scarlett: I started playing video games when I was about five years old and my mom got me into it. So if I came home from kindergarten with a happy face, I got to play Nintendo. That was the beginning of the end for me [laughs] and I’ve been doing this ever since then. She was a good mom, she was cool. Still helps me with costumes sometimes too.

AiPT!: Before I go to a con I like to get a haircut and workout the morning of. Do you have any routines or rituals you follow before a con to prepare yourself for the madness to come?

Scarlett: I usually try to not do a whole lot. We’re usually doing some kind of con crunching where we’re working on costumes a lot. That sometimes can be very relaxing. Other than that I just kind of hang out and play video games. Try not to do too many stressful anythings basically.


AiPT!: I saw on your Instagram that you’ve taken up leather working. How did you get into it?

Scarlett: Actually my boyfriend is a professional jouster and I’ve always been interested in learning different trades of creativity. So I was in love with the Lagertha armor from Vikings, which led to me talking to a leather worker to get the costume made. The leather worker was a woman who was really cool, she made me the entire suit of armor, which included chain mail. Once I got it I thought it was really cool, I loved it so much and that led to me wanting to learn how to do it myself. That was it for me. I ended up falling in love with it, it’s like painting with tools basically.

AiPT!: Two part question for you. How long have you been leather working now and have you made your own full costume yet?

Scarlett: I’ve been leather working for about a year now. So I haven’t made a full set of armor yet, mainly small pieces and a few things here and there. I’m trying to get the actual detailing under control so it will look nice and clean before I start making a full suit of armor.


AiPT!: If someone takes a look through your Instagram at your costumes, it’s obvious you have a great affinity for the fantasy genre. What is it about fantasy that you love so much?

Scarlett: I don’t know. I think it stems from how I’ve always been really into the round table and King Arthur. I studied Arthurian mythology in college and I’ve always just naturally leaned towards fantasy characters. As you can see I’m dressed as a giant fairy creature. It’s always been my niche so to speak. I like some sci-fi but I grew up, liked King Arthur and that was it.

AiPT!: What are you reading these days?

Scarlett: Right now I’m rereading Le Mort which is the full chronological account of King Arthur. So if anybody ever wants to know what actually happened it’s only about 5-inchs thick to read!


AiPT!: What’re you playing for games right now?

Scarlett: Oh gosh. I’ve been replaying a lot of classic Final Fantasy, X and X-2. I’ll play new games but I always end up back at the classics like Final Fantasy. I play Fallout too because it’s a great de-stresser.

AiPT!: I saw you have a lot of Game of Thrones themed cosplays. With this franchise are you more of a book or TV person?

Scarlett: I usually go with both. I feel like you miss a lot if you don’t read the books. With my costumes I usually lean towards the show because it’s way more recognizable, but I try to fit little things in there, like Daenerys’ purple eyes. I try to mix the two if that makes sense? I’m usually hardcore book though.

AiPT!: Are you in the camp of individuals who are really frustrated and angry with George R.R. Martin or you with the folks who think he should just do his thing, he’ll get to it?

Scarlett: I’m more so let him do his thing. I write too, so I understand it’s his view and his stuff. It’s his vision, it’ll work out.

AiPT!: Do you have a favorite character that you worry George will kill?

Scarlett: I don’t really want anyone to die. Except Cersei, not a fan of Cersei. She’s kind of bitchy. If she goes I’ll be whatever about it. But if Jon or Dany goes I’ll probably be upset. I feel like the end is either going to be we’re all happy and it’s very predictable or we’re all going to be devastated and it’s going to be completely unpredictable. So far he’s been killing everybody so…


AiPT!: Is there anything specific you’re excited for this weekend? Anyone you really want to talk to or panel you’d like to attend?

Scarlett: Usually every con I try to go say hi to Sean Schemmel and Chris Sabat, the voice actors for Goku and Vegeta from Dragonball Z.  They’re cool and every time I see them they have a lot of personality and energy. I would love to see Jason Momoa but I don’t have four hours to wait in line [laughs].

AiPT!: With what remains of the year, what are you most looking forward to?

Scarlett: I’m doing Megac Con in Tampa and I have a lot of big group cosplays planned, so I’m really looking forward to that. It’s going to take a lot of work but it’ll be worth it.


Here’s where you can find Scarlett online:

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