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Venom: First Host #2 Review

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Venom: First Host #2 Review

Venom’s baby is in jeopardy as things ramp up in the second issue.

The new Venom miniseries from Marvel has revealed the Symbiote and Eddie Brock may not be each other’s firsts. Well, we already knew that, since Spider-Man wore the Symbiote for a while, but even before that there was another. What a scamp. In this second issue, we learn a bit more about the alien that once wore the Symbiote and more.

So what’s it about?

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Why does this matter?

Venom’s Symbiote had a baby a few months ago, which is a key element of this miniseries being further explored. In fact, after this issue I’d argue it’s the entire reason why we’re learning about the first host at all.

Fine, you have my attention. What’s good about it?

Venom: First Host #2 Review

Wake up Eddie! Credit: Marvel Comics

Last issue we learned that Venom’s Symbiote was first latched to an alien fighting in the Kree/Skrull war. Said alien is still alive and kicking, and ends up being the main player in this issue. Opening with an intense action scene thanks to Mark Bagley’s art, we learn the first host is an adept fighter and quite attached to the Symbiote, at least emotionally. As the story plays out we learn why Venom never knew about the first host, a bit more about the first host’s intentions, and get a new direction for Venom’s baby to play out in this story.

The cliffhanger leaves readers in an interesting place as well. Eddie has got his back to the wall and his options are limited. I think readers will predict where it’s going with Eddie and that’s an interesting twist that can reveal tidbits about Symbiotes; child Symbiotes specifically.

Venom: First Host #2 Review

Those tendrils are working over time. Credit: Marvel Comics

It can’t be perfect can it?

Sadly the events in this issue are rather predictable. We already know the Symbiote is addictive and has messed with Eddie over the years so to see the first host do whatever it takes to get it back is not surprising. It also requires a rather dumb gadget invented to make this story work. It’s unfortunate too that we learn nothing about who the first is in this issue. We got a tidbit or two of how he ended up surviving, but nothing about the man. That makes his actions even less interesting.

It’s a minor gripe but we see Venom cry. It’s so weird and it’s so not the badass take Donny Cates is presenting within the main Venom series.

Is it good?

It’s a good issue, especially for the promises it holds to explore Symbiotes and push Eddie. That said, the plot is predictable and isn’t all that revealing.

Venom: First Host #2 Review
Venom: First Host #2
Is it good?
The adventures of Venom's host is still interesting though the action/drama is a bit predictable.
Bagley is an artist I grew up with so, unfairly, he can do no wrong!
Costa is continuing his story from before Cates took over and it's fun to see where it's going with the cast of characters involved
The turn of events are quite predictable and rather cliched

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