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Monthly POP: Panels of Purpose - October 2018

Comic Books

Monthly POP: Panels of Purpose – October 2018

The very best panels and pages from comic books out in the past month.

It may be a spooky time for comics, but it’s also a resolutely positive time too. Can you say comics have ever been as good as they are right now? Each month, nay, each week there are excellent books being produced across the many publishers with over 150 releases in any given week. In those books are meaningful stories, incredible art, and comics that will stick with you forever.

This is a humble collection of the best panels we could find from the month which are accompanied by our sometimes funny and sometimes reflective comments. Scroll down to enjoy!

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Cover #2
Monthly POP: Panels of Purpose - October 2018
Writer: Brian Michael Bendis | Artist: David Mack
Publisher: DC Comics

Dave: This is a powerful statement being made about culture in general and, for the most part, I think it makes a lot of sense. More reading = more empathy.

Brian: I am blown away by the watercolors and structure of this page. The moral, however, is one that storytellers have been shouting from the rooftops for most of human history. Our stories are the only way we see one another’s perspectives. Pick up the book.

Lisa: This is an exquisite page. I love the use of brushstroke color and the negative space to create silhouettes. The powerful message just makes this page more beautiful.

Alyssa: Everything about this page gives me goosebumps. The art is so powerful, with that gorgeous wash of colors making a whole image over the 6 panels. And the message rings so true. Time to go pick up more books!

David H: I love the layout of these panels as a whole. The art and colors are gorgeous and if you ever doubt that a letterer is vital to the process then you need to pay close attention to Carlos Mangual

Border Town #2
Monthly POP: Panels of Purpose - October 2018
Writer: Eric M. Esquivel | Artist: Ramon Villalobos
Publisher: DC Vertigo

Dave: So many weird and wild monsters. I love it!

Lisa: Totally creeped out by the Mr. Potato Head love children.

JJ: Everyone is sleeping on the glowing orb guy. You guys think a illuminated circle can’t start some shit? Also, this is incredible.

Alyssa: I love that these are all figures from Latin American myths. This got me going down a bunch of Wikipedia rabbit holes, and I read some really cool stories. Also, this art is GORGEOUS. I especially love La Siguanaba, and her transition into a skeleton.

Forrest: The new The Monster Squad looks great.

David H: This just looks like a giant nightmare and I dig it!

Amazing Spider-Man #7
Monthly POP: Panels of Purpose - October 2018
Writer: Nick Spencer | Artist: Humberto Ramos
Publisher: Marvel Comics

Dave: Is Nick Spencer just trying to score free tickets to Upright Citizens Brigade?

Brian: As good as UCB can be, taking someone who saved your life to an improv show is no one’s idea of a thank you.

Dog:  “Hey Fred, wouldn’t it be cool if we could score a table at Per Se on New Year’s Eve? Not near the kitchen, 7:30 pm?”

Alyssa: Awww, friendship really is magic!

Forrest: This message bought and paid for by Citizens for Upright Citizens Brigade, any relation to real life events and persons is entirely accidental – come see a show!

Star Wars Adventures: Darth Vader’s Castle #2
Monthly POP: Panels of Purpose - October 2018
Writer: Cavan Scott | Artist: Derek Charm
Publisher: IDW

Dave: Now I need to see Mustafar rendered all sorts of ways. This cartoony look is rather cool.

Brian: You’d think Vader would have had enough of lava. At least this time he has the high ground.

JJ: Lawsuit incoming from the Tolkien estate in 3..2..1

Forrest: MustaFAR? Looks pretty MustaCLOSE to me!

David H: Considering Vader has that hot ass suit, you would think he would want his base on Hoth. I would hate to see the electric bill for that castle because you know it’s being pumped with cool air 24/7

Jook Joint #1
Monthly POP: Panels of Purpose - October 2018
Writer: Tee Franklin | Artist: Alitha Martinez
Publisher: Image Comics

Dave: This is a story that comes with a trigger warning, but for good reason as it tackles abuse and aims to help those in pain heal via horror.

Alyssa: These panels were hard for me to look at, but those were some sick burns as she took him down.

David H: I read this a couple of weeks ago. It’s so good! The art, the story, the message! I can’t recommend Jook Joint enough

Infinity Wars: Sleepwalker #1
Monthly POP: Panels of Purpose - October 2018
Writer: Chad Bowers, Chris Sims | Artist: Todd Nauck
Publisher: Marvel Comics

Dave: What’s better, Man-Thing Thang Thoom, or Fin Thing Foom? I can’t be sure!

Brian: Of all the insanity in Infinity Warp, this is the best pun.

Nick: Thank goodness for strategically placed moss patches.

Lisa: LOL Nick – I thought the same thing.

JJ: You guys are perverts. I wonder if this is the result of Swamp Thing getting busy with that luck dragon Falkor.

Forrest: Normally Man Thing’s face tendrils are cool but this kinda makes him look like a pissed off snorkeler – the rest of the design (and that pun) are totally on point of course.

Infinity Wars #4
Monthly POP: Panels of Purpose - October 2018
Writer: Gerry Duggan | Artist: Michael Deodato Jr.
Publisher: Marvel Comics

Dave: Unless it’s Magneto trying to make a few bucks with his Lyft weekends.

Lisa: Hold on, let me just press the Lyft button on my forehead.

Forrest: Do you think she has to put up with hearing the thoughts of Lyft drivers in the nearest 25 miles whenever she tunes in for a ride?

Brian: I’m still salty that we don’t get to keep some of these mashups around for a while. Logan Frost was amazing.

Alyssa: Apparently Emma hasn’t caught up with fashion trends since being released from the Soul Stone. Super low rise pants are SO 5 years ago.


The Magic Order #4
Monthly POP: Panels of Purpose - October 2018
Writer: Mark Millar | Artist: Olivier Coipel
Publisher: Image Comics

Dave: Aside from being in complete shock I’d be shouting, “Ew” over those tentacle beard hairs falling down on my house.

Brian: This must be what my wife feels like when she sees beard trimmings in the sink.

Nick: *Smash cut to Gillette logo*

Lisa: Paul Revere sure has changed.

Forrest: I wouldn’t eat from a can of peas with this man’s face on them for a hundred million dollars.

Tony Stark: Iron Man #4
Monthly POP: Panels of Purpose - October 2018
Writer: Dan Slott | Artist: Valerio Schiti
Publisher: Marvel Comics

Dave: Nothing like flirting with someone’s brain.

JJ: Laugh all you like, this is going to be a thing in a few years. It probably is already. Robot sex people, I’m talking about robot sex.

Forrest: All of Steve Jobs wildest dreams realized.

Dog:  So Tony Stark’s day is all cat food and bonsai trees? I’m skeptical.

Alyssa: I love the colors in these panels. The pink memories really pop against the teals, and it’s all so artificial, it fits nicely with the subject.


Wonder Woman #56
Monthly POP: Panels of Purpose - October 2018
Writer: James Tynion IV | Artist: Emanuela Lupacchino
Publisher: DC Comics

Dave: I mean, she kind of has a point.

Dog:  “What is this, some kind of a comic book???

Brian: I think her “non-super” outfit is more cosplayable than her “super” one.

Alyssa: Brian’s right. It’s like she Googled, “what would an edge witch wear?”

JJ: Glowing eyes, pure white skin, mega cleavage and a cape isn’t more cosplayable than her slick archeologist look? You guys are crazy. It’s textbook.

Forrest: For context, Swamp Thing and Man-Bat have just been turned back to their normal forms after having been animals, but I love how they’re like “The what? Hands?”

The Dreaming #2
Monthly POP: Panels of Purpose - October 2018
Writer: Si Spurrier | Artist: Bilquis Evely
Publisher: DC Vertigo

Dave: Some people have anger problems. Then there’s this.

Lisa: So that’s what little children are really made of. So much for sugar and spice and all that’s nice.

Alyssa: What do we think insignificance tastes like? I’m thinking unsalted chicken broth.

JJ: I’m most impressed by the cigar staying lit and in his mouth.

Forrest: William Birkin really let himself go.

Action Comics #1004
Monthly POP: Panels of Purpose - October 2018
Writer: Brian Michael Bendis | Artist: Ryan Sook
Publisher: DC Comics

Dave: I found this page so romantic.

Alyssa: This is so lovely and atmospheric … literally.

JJ: This is beautifully drawn and simply lovely.

Forrest: I appreciate sentiment, but I feel like things would be a whole lot worse if Supes let go here.

Dog:  You’re right; Lois would then have to deal with all the hipsters creating that vape cloud.

Redlands #7
Monthly POP: Panels of Purpose - October 2018
By: Jordie Bellaire & Vanesa R. Del Ray
Publisher: Image Comics

Dave: Doing your chores is a big deal for the devil.

Dog:  When being grounded literally means buried in acidic earth while three-headed fire ants chew on your eyes.

Brian: Groot’s really become an asshole since he started talking.

JJ: I wonder how he is with boyfriends coming over to the house.

Forrest: I bet he worked so hard on that third “D” word – “dishonor, disrespect…come on…the people go nuts for triplets.”

Avengers #9
Monthly POP: Panels of Purpose - October 2018
Writer: Jason Aaron | Artist: David Marquez
Publisher: Marvel Comics

Brian: Namor is going to start texting her later and then threaten her when she doesn’t respond. #niceguys

Dave: He already has a temper, do NOT tell this guy about the #metoo movement.

Alyssa: You can always count on Carol to tell it like it is. Namor, you are so gross. So is your weird armpit net.

Forrest: Looks provided by Hot Topic, attitudes provided by the Alt-Right.

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