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Review of Toynk's Fallout Looksee Box just in time for Fallout 76.


Toynk’s Fallout Looksee Box review

Review of Toynk’s Fallout Looksee Box just in time for Fallout 76.

Fallout 76 is out on November 14th and Toynk has a special box for all of you Fallout fans to get your hands on prior to the release for your enjoyment! You can see in the video below that I opened this for the first time while recording because I wanted to be surprised. And I was!

I was even more surprised that I will most likely use everything in this box. The air freshener will look and smell sweet in my car. The charger is already holding my Xbox One controller, the cola is in my fridge, and the bobblehead has found a home with my Pops. Everything in this box is pretty damn awesome!

As you can see, I gave the box a 10! Say what? Yup, my first 10 in a long time. I am kinda stingy with them, but this box was a lot of fun to open, and I didn’t open the tin on the video. I opened it afterwards and there was a sticker inside! A nice surprise, you can see the sticker in the gallery below. So, if you are into Fallout then I don’t think this box will disappoint you. I will update in the comments on the video how the air freshener smells and the cola tastes. You know…the little things.

Do you want a box of your own? Hell yeah, you do! Swing over to and get your own Fallout Looksee Box! And don’t forget to subscribe to our YouTube channel for more content.

Toynk's Fallout Looksee Box
Is it good?
Fallout fans are gonna dig this box!
These boxes can sometimes be a gamble. I think I will use everything in this box!
Bobblehead is sweet, colors are nice, and his head bobbles like it should.
Car freshener and Nuke Cola are a nice touch .
Enamel Pins and the random tin are solid as well.
That charger is the sweet spot! I love it, it is by my TV right now.
No complaints, this was fun to open.

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