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Hulk – Thor Ragnarok One:12 Collective Mezco action figure unboxing

Running at $120 retail, is this action figure worth your dough?

The very latest One:12 Collective figure is now being shipped and we got our hands on an early copy. This is the gladiator Hulk from Thor Ragnarok which has been up for order since November 2017! The figure is larger than most One:12 Collective figures and impressive due to the incredible clothing Mezco befitted the figure. There have been a few gladiator Hulk figures out already, but in many ways, this figure tops them all.

Typically the One:12 collective figures have an attention to detail that brings them up to the next level. Usually, $80 the gladiator Hulk is a whopping $120 which most likely will increase people’s expectations. Does it deliver?

Check out the full unboxing below to see my snap judgments.



As you can see this figure and its clothing are super nice. The detailing is exceptional making this rather befitting of Mezco’s highest price tag yet. The attention to detail is impressive and almost shocking it’s so good. The two accessory weapons are very nicely done too (although way too pointy for the little ones) and the additional head is a nice addition too.

A few drawbacks include the size. I was hoping for it to be a touch larger. His possibility isn’t exceptional and instead just good. He can move all his limbs, but he’s so chunky you can’t get the arms and legs into crazy positions.


Mezco Toys One:12 Collective: Marvel Thor Ragnarok Gladiator Hulk Action Figure
Is it good?
A fantastic figure if the price isn't too steep. The attention to detail in the clothing is super high end.
Incredible attention to detail be it the heads, accessories, and clothing
It was worth the wait. This figure is impressive
Posing this figure isn't great with its chunky limbs
The overall size is a touch smaller than I anticipated
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