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A very clever/interesting character driven mystery/thriller.

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Bird Box Review: A clever character driven mystery/thriller

A very clever/interesting character driven mystery/thriller.

Netflix is really showing their true potential. First, with acclaimed shows, and now with really well done films starring A list actors. Bird Box is a film I’ve been really excited to see, ever since I saw the very intriguing trailer. I was just hoping the trailer’s suspense wasn’t leading to a flat film, and thankfully it did not. Instead, what we have is a very clever/interesting character driven mystery/thriller.

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I really love the way in which this film is laid out, and what is made a priority. The characters and what drives them to survive is really what this film is all about. With the main focus being on that, it makes for a much more fulfilling experience. The story could’ve centered a lot more on the mystery of what it is that’s causing this mass chaos, and it does in ways, but it’s more of a secondary thought. Having the “force” or “creatures” be a secondary thought worked in the film’s favor because it allowed it to be a true mystery, only throwing the viewer bits of what it could be.

The casting is also really well done, everyone is able to hold their own and shine. Of course Sandra Bullock is the main one who leads the story, but the supporting cast which includes: John Malkovich, Trevante Rhodes, Danielle Macdonald, Jackie Weaver, and Sarah Paulson all fit into their characters well and are able to make an impression. The chemistry between Bullock and Rhodes is also really great, the energy between them is clear.

A very clever/interesting character driven mystery/thriller.

Sarah Paulson as Jessica

The pacing is another thing I really liked here. We flip back and forth between the present day and five years earlier when all the chaos began. Sometimes that kind of storytelling can get messy, but I think it really worked here. There was never a time where I thought that the story got choppy. It plays in a relatively seamless fashion.

There’s also a couple really good thrills, things you might not see coming. There isn’t a twist or turn that’s like earth shattering – nothing is too crazy – but sometimes that’s not needed in a film such as this. If you can keep the audience engaged without something like that, more power to you. I also really loved the way the film portrayed the individuals that weren’t affected by what was happening. I don’t want to give anything away, but there’s an interesting thing that’s introduced regarding that in a very creepy way.

A very clever/interesting character driven mystery/thriller.

Sandra Bullock as Malorie

To be honest, coming up with negatives is really tough here. The only thing that I didn’t care for was a couple of the very minor characters, ones that aren’t on screen a lot, but when they are just seem kind of expendable and uninteresting. That is a very minor complaint though because these characters are a very small part of the film, and everything else is very engaging. I for sure suggest this one for your viewing, it will not let you down. There’s also a very satisfying ending, a really good way to end everything.

Bird Box
Is it good?
Bird Box gives its characters the reigns to the story and lets the mystery stay vague and eerie, which works together to create a very fulfilling film.
Well developed main characters
Great, talented cast
Good pacing that plays in a seamless fashion
Intriuging mystery that makes you use your imagination
Good chemistry between Bullock and Rhodes
A few minor characters seem very expendable and stereotypical

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