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A Crude Comics double shot: ‘Yeti: The Adventure Begins & Zombiesluts: Springbreak Bloodbath’

Crude Comics is a small publisher that puts out lowbrow comics.

About nine months ago, Crude Comics, Inc. sent me a few of their latest books to review. At the time, Crude Comics was a small publisher that put out low brow comics. Since then, they have attended many conventions and are even branching into films. That does not mean they have stopped creating their unique brand of comics, however. Recently, I received a package from the company with some books. Unsurprisingly, the books pushed every boundary imaginable.

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Yeti: The Adventure Begins

Of all the books I received from Crude Comics last year, Yeti: The Adventure Begins may have been the most surprising. I have never been an Abominable Snowman fan so the story did not interest me, but I was surprised to find a story that filled with Nazi conspiracies and strong storytelling. It was much more fun than it probably had any right to be, and left me eager for the next issue.

The second issue of Yeti does not rely as much on flashbacks as the first issue. This is more a modern story centered on moving the plot forward. The comic starts off innocently enough before turning into pages of depravity. There is heavy drug use, sex, and one of the most interesting versions of beer pong ever seen. It comes very close to being too much, but never crosses that line. Raunchy humor can be very difficult, but Yeti manages to pull it off.

The art is perfect for the story. It is detailed, but almost takes on a cartoony look that fits the nature of the book. The book lacks that one standout panel, but it is perfect for the story. The one big drawback to Yeti: The Adventure Begins is its abrupt ending. The story is tightly paced (an argument can be made it is too fast), but the ending comes with little fanfare.

Verdict: 6 (Average)

Zombiesluts: Springbreak Bloodbath

Zombiesluts was probably the least surprising book of the bunch. The title of the comic book is exactly what the story is about. A group of friends are headed to the beach for a nice spring break vacation. Someone on the plane is infected with a sickness that is contagious that pretty much ruins the vacation. It is bloody, violent, and lives up to its name.

The second and final issue of Zomibesluts is all about the action. This is a story about, well, zombie sluts during spring break, and the issue makes sure that is what readers get. Much like the first issue, it is graphic and disgusting. Unlike Yeti, the extreme nature of the comic comes as no surprise. Zombiesluts is one of the most explicit stories you will read.

Zombiesluts is all action, but it does not follow a typical narrative. The issue gives brief insights into different members of the story. This is a good idea as it breaks up the monotony of what is a straightforward zombie story. The book never rises above just another bloody horror story with naked women, but at least it tries.

The book’s art is vivid and perfect for the story, but like Yeti, it falls into the trap of normalcy. It never looks bad, but it will also never blow anyone away. The zombie designs are not anything new. Zombiesluts features the type of art that will look great on T-shirts, but looks average in a comic book. It is a quick and easy read, but Zombiesluts: Springbreak Bloodbath will not surpass your expectations.

Verdict: 5 (Average)


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