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Edgar Allan Poe’s Snifter of Terror #6 Review

This is one of the best books on the market. Do yourself a favor and pick it up.

And just like that, it’s over. AHOY Comics rounds out their first wave of titles with this, the final issue of the first season of Edgar Allan Poe’s Snifter of Terror. Is there a better way to start any issue, let alone one as significant as this, than with a Mark Russell story?

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Well, EAPSOT #6 opens with another Monster Cereals inspired story from Mark Russell. Forget Count Chocula, it’s Franken Berry’s turn in the spotlight with the story “The Tragic Tale of Franken Cherrie” featuring art by Peter Snejbjerg.  From there, Kek-W and Lee Carter conclude their take on Poe’s “Le Duc De L’Omelette.” If you have ever wanted to read Poe’s classic William Wilson story with added capitalist dread, then Peter Milligan has you sorted along with artist Sarah Burrini in the short “William Wilson, Inc.” Lisa R. Jonté contributes the fantastic poem “Miss Mordicant’s School for Pestiferous Youth.” Rounding things out we have the short stories “Welcome to Adult Birthday Dinner Experience!” And “The Gnome Problem” by Matt Buechele and Bryce Ingman respectively. On top of another great Hunt Emerson cartoon, the issue also features a crossword. A genuine crossword puzzle from Doug Peterson. All this in one issue. You would be daft to miss it.

AHOY Comics

The Good

Every month it feels like a cop out to say, but everything in this issue is good. Truly, AHOY has demonstrated they can put out fantastic work but it’s still sad to see this series end for now.

Starting things off, we have Mark Russell’s newest monster cereal story. As engaging as the first, this reimagining of Franken Berry (Franken Cherry) is sure to have readers giggling as much as they are hiding their tears. Kek-W and Lee Carter’s “Le Duc De L’Omelette” comes to a satisfying conclusion that is sure to keep readers laughing. EAPSOT is one of the funniest books on shelves today, if not the funniest. 

It’s not all laughs though, as Peter Milligan’s take on William Wilson is sure to horrify anyone. This is the stand-out comic within the issue, coming as a surprise to no one considering the creators. Combining the original short story with the bleak capitalist outlook of today leads to a very satisfying short. Stories like this showcase what EAPSOT is all about, and the sheer enjoyment that can be had from it highlights why it’s sad to see the series end.

Lisa R. Jonté’s poem is a refreshing change of pace that doesn’t feel out of place at all in a Edgar Allan Poe comic. Likewise, Bryce Ingman’s short “The Gnome Problem” channels the tone of Poe perfectly. Matt Buechele’s prose piece has a great sense of humor to it and is highly recommended to those that like their humor dark and dry.

One final thing to add to the “good” section is that the inclusion of a crossword puzzle is the icing on the AHOY cake of adding value back into comics. It’s downright silly how much variety readers get in this book. Stop what you’re doing and pick this issue up.

AHOY Comics

The Bad

It should be apparent that the ‘good’ section listed everything in the comic. That should speak for itself.

The Verdict

With the final issue of this season of Snifter of Terror, AHOY Comics closes out their first wave on a comically large high. This is a near perfect collection of prose, poetry, comics and cartoons. No matter what you read, you should pick this up. If you have a friend who reads comics, recommend this. If your friend likes short stories, recommend this. If they’re into poetry, recommend this. Your friend a crossword enthusiast? Recommend this. To surmise, recommend this.

Is it good?
This is one of the best books on the market. Do yourself a favor and pick it up.
Unrivalled variety.
Fantastic sense of humor.
A collection of some of the best creators working today.
It's the final issue.

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