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Fight Club 3 #3 review: Daddy’s home

Balthazar may have returned home to Marla and their child, but the problems are just beginning.

I had critiqued the previous issue of Fight Club 3 for not moving the plot as rapidly as I would have liked. Well, this issue doesn’t have that problem. Balthazar may have returned home to Marla and their child, but the problems are just beginning.

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Now’s the fun part where I try to tip-toe through the spoiler landmines. At this point, it’s no secret that Project Mayhem has been replaced by something far more reaching and surreal. Now things are reaching a global scale and it’s breathlessly revealed by Palahnuik. Without giving too much away, I can say this issue particularly deals with society’s obsession with beauty and whether you’re an “alpha” or not. These themes are set up in an “Ask Miss Information” article in the front that even cites Roosh V.

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It’s great to see the characters finally kicked into high gear as the plot swirls around them. Although, there is one moment involving a kid and a marker that seemed a little, er, dumb? I’d also posit that things are moving a little too fast in regards to Balthazar. He talks to so many people and goes so many places, his story feels rushed.

Cameron Stewart is given lots of claustrophobic material to work with here, and he brings each sweaty, run-down location to miserable life. That being said, he beautifully illustrates a handful of expansive panels. Stewart remains an incredibly versatile artist for this versatile series and writer.

Fight Club 3 #3
Is it good?
If you were waiting for the proverbial ball to drop, this issue is it. The mayhem and snark gloriously go up to 11.
Cameron Stewart's art.
The characters' inner and external conflicts.
The scale and stakes have risen.
That marker scene.
Covers a little too much ground.

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