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Fans of the show should be extremely excited for the new season in May.
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WonderCon 2019: Archer 1999 takes the absurd animated comedy to space- and it’s hilarious

Fans of the show should be extremely excited for the new season in May.

FX hosted the world premier of Archer 1999, the upcoming 10th season of the acclaimed animated spy-comedy, at WonderCon to uproarious laughter and applause throughout the 25 minute first-episode.

Premiering in May 2019, Archer 1999 takes the beloved and raunchy characters to space while injecting a hilariously lethal does of science-fiction flare to the series. While fans of the show will recognize the main cast and a few surprise guests in the season premier, this new season has the feel of a completely stand alone tale that is a perfect jumping on point for newcomers.

Those who do decide to tune in now- and they really should- are going to love what this season is shaping up to be. If the first episode is any indication, the galaxy wide setting of Archer 1999 provides the show writers with even more hilarious scenarios to place the cast in making the possibilities truly endless for where the show can go. As an added bonus, the wonderful animation and surprisingly deep ship and alien designs will make sci-fi fans swoon.

For die-hard Archer fans, all the classic humor is retained. From the esoteric references to the constant bickering between Archer and Lana, the Archer formula is stronger than ever with Archer 1999. Executive producer Matt Thompson also revealed a few guest stars slated to appear during this season, including Matt Berry, Sam Richardson, Gillian Bell, and Archer alum Thomas Lennon.

Archer 1999 premiers in May 2019 on FX. For more on the Archer 1999 including bits from the cast Q&A, head to AiPT! Comics Twitter feed.


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