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Go higher, further and faster with this amazing Captain Marvel cosplay by CutiePieSensei.


Captain Marvel cosplay by CutiePieSensei

Go higher, further and faster with this amazing Captain Marvel cosplay by CutiePieSensei.

You know from our CutiePieSensei Collection, our Black Panther Shuri cosplay and Wonder Woman features that we really, really like CutiePieSensei. And that adulation is well deserved, honestly — the woman is a gift to the cosplaying community.

With Captain Marvel earning over a billion dollars internationally and Avengers: Endgame ready to tear it up at the box office, CPS’ latest cosplay, Carol Danvers AKA Captain Marvel, comes at a very opportune time. And looks every bit as detailed and bad-ass as the real thing:

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Tired of my Captain Marvel yet? Lolol. Closeup so you can see allllll the imperfections 😅 . . . . To address a couple of things in case I wasn’t clear in my previous post! This cosplay was made in conjunction with @marvel for their #marvelbecoming series alongside the AMAZING @sharonrosecosplay and @pitchforkcosplay. We all made our individual costumes by ourselves though from scratch! We definitely talked like every day though for tips and advice on getting through this monster of a project! I know that there are plenty of mistakes, but with the time constraints of the project and my lack of leather knowledge I am incredibly proud of the end result. . . . Also, please don’t diss Brie Larson in the comments, calling her names and whatnot. I saw it too much on my last post and I can’t address everyone. I really enjoyed the Captain Marvel film and I thought she did a great job! Tbh, I was skeptical when I saw the trailers but I was pleasantly surprised and enjoyed her character. It’s not my FAVORITE origin Marvel film (mine is either Dr Strange or Iron Man 1) but definitely would count as my #3. . . . Lastly, yes I’m doing Carol and not Monica. I get that I’m black so some of y’all automatically say “oh then she’s Monica then” but ole girl doesn’t even have a movie suit yet. HOWEVER I’m hype AF for her to be part of the MCU and BEST BELIEVE the moment they show the older version of her in her super hero glory I will be ALL OVER THAT S--T lol. *spoiler warning* young Monica in the film is the same skin tone/shade as me and looks hella similar to my childhood pictures and this like never ever ever happens. So part of me is hoping that when they pick the older version of her they’ll be the same and I’ll FINALLY have a movie verse hero that I look just like!! . . . . #selfie #cosplayselfie #cosplay #captainmarvel #captainmarvelmovie #marvel #marvelcosplay #blackcosplay

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I CAN FINALLY TALK ABOUT IT YESSSSSSS!!! I’ve been so MIA for the past couple of months because I got the AWESOME chance to work with @marvel on their newest #marvelbecoming episode to make a Captain Marvel cosplay alongside @pitchforkcosplay and @sharonrosecosplay !!! ⠀ ⠀ This has been a freakin journey, and involved a lot of “firsts” for me in terms of getting out of my comfort zone. It is my first time sewing leather (and the whole thing is made from it) or trying to do anything remotely screen accurate. It was super challenging but I’m really proud of how all of our costumes came out! Thank you so much @marvel for the opportunity and definitely go check out the video on their pages♥️❤️♥️⠀ ⠀ #marvel #marvelbecoming #captainmarvel #captainmarvelcosplay #cosplay #blackcosplay #blackcosplayer #cosplaygirl #marvelcosplay

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TODAY IS THE MUTHA F----N DAY HOW HYPE ARE YOU???!!!!! Started off my week meeting the cast, now seeing the movie today (didn’t see it Monday cuz we only attended the purple carpet). Then with Game of Thrones this weekend my emotions are about to be all a mess >_< ⠀ ⠀ No commented spoilers though y’all, or I will block yo ass faster than Carol showing up to that old pager beacon. After all, #dontspoiltheendgame ⠀ ⠀ Dope photo and edit of my #marvelbecoming Carol Danvers cosplay by the always fabulous @idruthat . Thank you so much @omg_dj_judy for just everything from the marvelbecoming experience to purple carpet ♥️❤️♥️⠀ ⠀ #marvel #avengersendgame #endgame #cosplay #captainmarvel #captainmarvelcosplay #blackcosplayer #marvelbecoming #caroldanvers #photon #spectrum #monicarambeau

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Remember that time a few weeks ago where I was hype AF that @brielarson commented on my first Captain Marvel photo? Well…………this happened 😂 Also, I MET @chrishemsworth AND NOW I CAN DIE HAPPY LOL. Chris Evans, @renner4real , Ryan Coogler , @cobiesmulders, @danaigurira (she threw shade at me tho cuz I was dressed as cap even tho I told her I love okoye LOL), @karengillanofficial , and even @prattprattpratt (who I didn’t get a selfie with BUT he signed my gauntlet so WIN) were all super cool and friendly! We got to see just about everyone, this is just all that I could fit in this post but I’ll make more. So so so thankful to @omg_dj_judy and @thegeekgatsby for making this happen for me and my hubby. Definitely was an experience to remember♥️ Also, @krystinaarielle you were clutch AF on helping me get these photos so THANK YOU as well 😂 i met so many dope cosplayers that were just as cool on the inside as they looked on the outside. Imma make a separate post for that soon too . . . . PS: shout out to those of you that somehow noticed me in the background of the Marvel video on Twitter with Renner and my friend @sharonrosecosplay lol. I was only the screen for 1/4 of a second and somehow y’all STILL noticed haha . #marvelbecoming #avengersendgame #captainmarvel #marvel #cosplay #blackcosplay #selfie

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