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New NXT Tag Team Champions crowned at NXT TakeOver: XXV


New NXT Tag Team Champions crowned at NXT TakeOver: XXV

Four teams competed for the relinquished titles.

The NXT Tag Team Titles have been up for grabs ever since Vince McMahon stole the War Raiders from Triple H, forced the pair to relinquish their NXT Tag Team Titles, and pulled them up to the main roster.

Normally you’d be happy for talent that gets the coveted call up to the main roster, but not this time. The War Raiders had their names changed inexplicably into The Viking Experience, and then The Viking Raiders, and then after just two matches on RAW, they up and vanished. I guess that’s a tl;dr for the problems plaguing RAW and Smackdown these days.

But we’re not here to talk about the main roster, we’re here to talk about NXT, more specifically, the NXT Tag Team Titles. Last night four teams competed in an absolutely brutal ladder match for the crowns of the tag division: Oney Lorcan & Danny Burch, Street Profits, Undisputed Era’s Bobby Fish and Kyle O’Reilly, and the Forgotten Sons’ Steve Cutler and Wesley Blake.

To put it simply, these four teams went to war with one another.

Kyle O’Reilly took one of the most brutal ladder bumps I’ve ever seen, and it wasn’t even a planned spot. I know that sounds scary, and in a ladder match things most certainly get cringe worthy, this match not withstanding. Thankfully there was nothing overly dangerous about the bump, but my god did it look painful. Before the match was even over O’Reilly had a gigantic abrasion forming on his lower back, I can’t even imagine the amount of pain the poor guy is in today.

Things kicked up a notch even further when Jaxson Ryker of The Forgotten Sons made a surprise appearance and absolutely destroyed everyone in the ring. Eventually the other three teams overcame him using a ladder, but it took all six men to do it. Something tells me this guy may just be in line for a big push.

Following this beat down chaos once again descended on the ring, with every team immediately turning on one another. The Forgotten Sons who were actually in the match used this as an opportunity to ambush the teams still fighting in the ring, and looked to be poised to secure victory.

As Wesley Blake was climbing the ladder to clinch victory, Montez Ford dropped out of the sky like a freaking super hero and landed opposite Blake on the ladder. Ford was able to overcome his adversary while Angelo Dawkins cleaned up on the ring floor, which allowed Ford to climb to the top and claim the titles.

NEW NXT Tage Team Champions of the World — The Street Profits!

Incredible match and the Street Profits definitely deserved to walk away with the titles. They’ve both been in NXT for a very long time, are over with the crowd, and proved beyond a shadow of a doubt tonight that they’re championship material.


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