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Tini Howard reveals new superhero team, Strikeforce, arrives this September

A new superhero team, Strikeforce, is on the way from Tini Howard and German Peralta.

Nearly every day last week, Marvel hyped something big coming soon. Characters like Blade and Angela were hinted at alongside the slogan, “No Compromise. No Mercy.”

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By the end of the week, most of the team was shown, with the promise that it will all be revealed today, June 11th. Tini Howard let the cat out of the bag today that all the hype was building towards Strikeforce #1, a new series coming out this September.

Not only that, Howard hyped us up even further by saying “The Avengers have no idea how much danger they’re in.” Sounds like the Avengers have a new team of heroes to contend with. It also appears Howard has revealed one more team member that wasn’t hinted at in the promos last week, as Spider-Woman will be on the team in what looks like her classic costume.

The series also features artist German Peralta and covers by the great Andrea Sorrentino. Based on the artistic team, this is going to be a dark series.

What do you think, are you hyped for this new series? Let us know in the comments.


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