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SDCC 2019: Spider-Man Panel features top talent, art reveals, and more

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SDCC 2019: Spider-Man Panel features top talent, art reveals, and more

Spider-Man reveals abound at the Spider-Man panel at San Diego Comic-Con 2019.

The Spider-Man panel is traditionally one of the most popular panels at San Diego Comic-Con, and judging by the line to get in today, this year was no different. The panel was moderated by Spider-Man editor Nick Lowe with the comic book writing talents of Nick Spencer, Tom Taylor, Seanan McGuire, Frank Tieri, and of course editor-in-chief C.B. Cebulski on the panel.

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Nick Spencer was asked to talk a bit about the next two issues out in the next two weeks. He brought up Kindred, the new villain he’s been teasing since his first Spider-Man comic. On the screen, we got a peek at Amazing Spider-Man #30-31 covers by Ryan Ottley. Spencer told the crowd it will feature Norman Osborne which he said is one of his favorites.

Amazing Mary Jane #1 was featured next. Assistant editor Kathleen Wisneski said the book will be about Mary Jane going to Hollywood and it will feature a lot of action. Leah Williams will be writing and Nick Spencer couldn’t stop gushing about her writing.

The Amazing Spider-Man Full Circle #1 is a “fun book and like nothing I’ve ever been a part of,” Spencer said. Spencer said they drew the names of creators out of a hat to figure out the order of who would write. The book’s first writer is Jonathan Hickman and Spencer joked that made it harder for everyone. “We basically tried to sabotage each other,” Spencer said as each writer would start where the last writer finished.

Seanan McGuire talked about her upcoming Ghost Spider series which will stick Gwen back into school. She’s now in the 616 and thus the world doesn’t know she’s a superhero anymore. The art will be by Takeshi Miyazawa.

Nick Lowe couldn’t help himself by going with the gravelly voice when calling out Absolute Carnage. The first issue is 60 pages of story. Lowe said “even the dead aren’t safe,” which makes you wonder who they’ll bring back from the dead for the event. He even joked about the book breaking records for sales. “And we only have 5 million to go!” Frank Tieri picked up by talking about Lethal Protectors, an Absolute Carnage tie-in. Along with the Carnage vs. Deadpool tie-in, Tieri reiterated both books are bonkers.

Tom Taylor talked about 90 year-old superhero The Rumor, who will be appearing in Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man #9. He also reflected on the importance of Mary Jane to Spider-Man who is featured in an upcoming story too.

Spider-Verse #1 was another book revealed which will be out in October. Comic book legends like Neal Adams, Stuart Immonen and James Harren will be contributing art to the series. Jed MacKay is writing the mini which will be a celebration of how anyone can be Spider-Man.

Lowe talked a bit about trying to get J.J. Abrams to write Spider-Man. He reflected on how it all started 15 years ago and it involved Stuart Immonen having a connection through the Alias TV show. “Finally, he told me his son was interested in comics and I sent him a box of comics,” Lowe said. After bugging Abrams for years, he eventually got a meeting with him and they met in a coffee shop in Times Square. “It’s so full of twists and turns,” Lowe said. He said they aren’t showing interior art because there are so many surprises. Lowe said there will be some art revealed from the series at the Marvel Next Big Thing panel.

The panel then opened up to questions from the audience. Here are some highlights:

  • Marvel Comics #1000’s most exciting stories from the panel included an accidental leak that one story will be focused on Miracleman thanks to Nick Lowe. C.B. Cebulski seemed a bit upset by this. Later Cebulski said a new character will be appearing. Mark Buckingham’s story is Tom Taylor’s most anticipated from the book.
  • Seanan McGuire said she loves writing Swarm.
  • Spencer was asked about new character Kindred, to which he said there’s a lot of history between him and Peter. “Part of it is who he is and part of it is what he is doing.”
  • Spencer said he has some Betty Brant stories coming.

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