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New art is revealed for issue #2 of the upcoming DC Black Label book.

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SDCC 2019: Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo talk ‘Batman: Last Knight on Earth’ #2

New art is revealed for issue #2 of the upcoming DC Black Label book.

DC Black Label might be one of the hottest things to come out of DC Comics in the last year. It features adult superhero stories and in recent weeks exciting new series have been spilling out of DC Comics’ PR department. That made the “Building the Future of Super Heroes with DC Black Label” panel a highly anticipated panel for everyone. The panel was moderated by executive editor for DC Black Label Mark Doyle with panelists Scott Snyder, Greg Capullo, John Romita Jr., Kami Garcia, and Jeff Lemire. 

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The panel began by talking about current DC Black Label books out now as well as a few details on what is to come with those series. 

Last Knight on Earth “is something more urgent” Snyder said, which was inspired in part by a conversation he had with Grant Morrison about always having a beginning and end for your character and story. “It’s the culmination of thinking about Batman over 10 years,” Snyder said. Snyder said the second issue is better than the first. The second issue will explain what happened to the world. Batman goes to the plains of solitude, Snyder said, and there Batman learns from Lex Luthor why the world became what it has become. In the image below you can see “Speedforce storms” and Snyder said a Joker is needling Batman about whether he can be called Robin or not. 


Doyle said the third and final issue will reveal a very tragic story for Joker. The second issue will drop at comic shops July 31st. 



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