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A Strange new Lantern debuts in ‘The Green Lantern Annual’ #1

But who or what are they?

Warning: Spoilers Below!

It’s a whole new era of Green Lantern and with that come all-new Green Lanterns. Given writer Grant Morrison is the one handling the franchise at this moment, the characters introduced are very much in the spirit of what many might expect from the creator. There’s already been a few additions so far, but the most fun inclusion by far arrives in today’s The Green Lantern Annual #1.

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Crafted by the creative team of Grant Morrison, Giuseppe Camuncoli, Trevor Scott, Steve Oliff and Tom Orzechowski, the issue taps into the mythology that Morrison developed for Flash during the ’90s, in the now-iconic “Human Race” storyline. In a cosmic race to save the world, Wally had to race against his once-imaginary friend, who proved to be real in the form of Krakkl, a radio-wave being from the strange radio-world of Kwyzz. Resembling Sonic the Hedgehog, the character was a speedster that Wally had to compete against.

He was a mere one-off character in a one-off story, remembered fondly. Later on, however, Morrison would go onto put the world of Kwyzz on his iconic Multiverse map during The Multiversity.

It’s right there, on the edge of the Speed Force Wall, bordering Earth-42. Dubbed ‘The Frequencies Of Kwyzz’, it’s a radio universe home to a species dubbed ‘The Kwyzz-kind’.

It’s old mythology that goes back 20 years into a single storyarc of Flash and within it, Krakkl met his end, lovable as ever. But Kwyzz is not without a defender, as Morrison and team prove here. Titled “The Wireless Ones,” a reference to the Kwyzz-kind, who are radio beings, the story introduces us to a special new protector. Behold:

Zappl of Kwyzz, The Radio Lantern!

The green guardian of frequencies and wavelengths unseen and unknown, Zappl is here to zap away at any and all evil that comes across his sight. With a crackling Lantern logo and a thunderous arrival, he’s a special and quite strange Lantern. Arguably the most “Morrison” Lantern addition to date within the work, being just a really weird and goofy idea. Sonic-lookalike Speedster Lantern operating on frequencies you can’t even witness is such a fun notion and it fits perfectly, building off and tying with Flash mythology, which Green Lantern has historically had such kinship with.

And the debut isn’t without precedent either, as The Green Lantern #1 teased the arrival of Lanterns like this from day one.

Radio down, X-Ray, Gamma and Microwave left to go. The above clearly showcases what is ostensibly the X-Ray Lantern, who should certainly be interesting to see in a proper appearance.

Overall, Zappl brings the count of new Morrison-made Lanterns in this new run to a solid six. The previous five have also been pretty fun and interesting, with three being based in old mythos that Morrison had no hand in, while the other three (including Zappl) are based in old Morrison made mythology. They are as follows:

Hyperia-3, The Sun Lantern!

A stellar A.I in the same fashion as Solaris The Tyrant Sun, who most will know from Morrison’s All-Star Superman, but who made his debut in DC One Million, as well as Morbius The Zombie Star, Hyperia-3 is a mighty being. How do you top a planet Lantern? Why, you make a sun, of course. Benevolent unlike Solaris and Morbius, Hyperia-3 clearly seems to come from a legacy of Sun Lanterns. While we might never know what happened to Hyperia-1 and Hyperia-2, it’s reassuring to have a literal sun backing the heroes up to face down armies of darkness.

Maxim Tox of Melmoor!

The 13th Earl of the land of Everglow on the planet of Melmoor, Maxim is royalty. And more importantly, royalty who doesn’t much care for this space police gig, doing it because he can and his family pushed him into it. The cousin to Thormon Tox, a Lantern Morrison introduced in the beloved 52 weekly series, Maxim is Morrison trying to make up for taking the life of Thormon there. One Tox might have fallen, but another will always take the role! The legacy lives on!

Floozle Flem, The Virus Lantern!

The first new Lantern Morrison introduced in his run, Floozle Flem builds off of Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons’ Leezle Pon. The legacy of Virus Lanterns may not be huge, but it is a one that is certainly present. Inspired by Leezle, creators Geoff Johns and Daniel Acuña created Despotellis, the evil Virus Lantern of The Sinestro Corps. But good ol’ Floozle is another addition to the good guy list. You can always count on him to get the bad guy sick, so you can get em easy.

Chriselon of Barrio III!

Another character that draws from classic tradition, Chriselon takes the place of the old Chaselon, a classic Silver Age creation who has since perished in service. But the light burns forever, as the ring passes onto another brave hero of Barrio and that’s our Chriselon. Crystaline in structure and boasting numerous senses, far outpacing any humanoid, his species is a unique one. In his moment of vulnerability, as he believes he’s set to perish, all he can think about are his dear children, his proto-crystal solutes. But die he does not, for Jordan will not have another death before him. Not this day!

Trilla-Tru of Xudar!

Taking the space inhabited by the Tomar clan, Trilla is another addition built on old school classics, going right back to The Silver Age, like with Chriselon. Playing into the idea that it’s not just Earth who gets to have multiple Lanterns across space and using the most storied alien Lantern legacy world to do it works. Trilla is sassy and fun, always ready with a quick remark, boasting a cheeky grin and ready to do her job. She’s brave, plays well with others and even excels at pulling Bad Cop-Bad Cop with Jordan when necessary.

What do you make of all the new Lanterns we’ve been introduced to in the last little bit? Any favorites? If you’re interested, make sure to check out The Green Lantern by Grant Morrison and Liam Sharp!


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