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Get the scoop about Ghost-Spider’s (aka Spider-Gwen) costume in ‘Ghost-Spider’ #1

I can’t imagine wearing millions of spiders. Can you?!

Spoilers ahead. You’ve been warned. For more read the review.

Gwen Stacey is now going by Ghost-Spider, but you may know her from Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse as Spider-Gwen. In her latest adventure, writer Seanan McGuire introduces Gwen to a new lifestyle as she sets her sights on going to college. We learn she’ll now be traveling to the 616 universe in order to go to college without the world knowing she’s a superhero by night. One problem with jumping through dimensions is how her powers stop working for a few minutes after she teleports. Spider-Man might have a theory on why this is happening, and it’s due to the suit lacking energy.

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Halfway through the issue, Ghost-Spider and Spider-Man take out a giant rat that’s bothering a mother and daughter. Ghost-Spider tells the folks they saved about her suit, which is made of living spiders.

In a surprising turn of the conversation, Spider-Man tells Ghost-Spider he thinks her spiders and suit are underfed when he says, “I’ve seen the way you eat.” Whoa, watch what you say Spidey! He goes on to say…

A Spider-Man fun fact! Spiders like to eat cellulose!

As we know from the time Spider-Man wore the Symbiote, you don’t want the suit to get angry or too hungry. If you catch my drift. Ghost-Spider goes on to ask if underfeeding her spiders is why her powers are flickering off, which Spider-Man clearly isn’t sure about, but he thinks maybe that’s the case.

More than likely there is another reason for that, dear readers, but the answer to that is saved for another day and issue. I highly recommend you check out this issue and the series!


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