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Cody Rhodes talks his relationship with Vince McMahon at Starrcast III

‘I don’t think he’s ever going to like me as a wrestler or a man. I don’t give a damn.’

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Cody Rhodes took part in a Q&A session moderated by legendary WCW commentator and recent AEW signee Tony Schiavone at Starrcast III yesterday. Naturally, the subject of WWE and Vince McMahon came up, and Cody had plenty to say.

“It’s really weird when you’re trying and trying and trying, and you just don’t click. It’s okay that my dreams — it’s okay that they changed. Because the product changed [in WWE]. There was a time where if you were on a live event, and you tore the house down, Arn Anderson took that report to Vince and he told him. Monday, you were on TV. You had earned it. Now, I’m not saying that’s not the case, but it didn’t feel like it was the same. I got tired of wanting him to hit the ball back when I knew there was more to do. Why try to impress one guy when you have the whole world to impress? I don’t think he’s ever going to like me as a wrestler or a man. I don’t give a damn. It’s out of respect. It’s your opinion, great. Why try for this one guy?”

Cody was later asked if he felt like Vince’s past relationships with his father, Dusty, and his older brother, Dustin, hurt his relationship with the WWE chairman. He doesn’t think so. “I think a lot of folks may assume that,” he said. “I think he had a great relationship with Dusty and [Dustin]. I think he thought I was the same and that I would like the same things. I am nothing like either of them. I think [Vince] thought I would have the same rapport. But no, I’m a different person.”

Starrcast III continues today and Saturday, leading into AEW’s All Out Saturday night.

(h/t Fightful for the transcription)

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