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Take a tour on ‘Venom Island’ December 2019 with Donny Cates and Mark Bagley


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Marvel Comics is always expertly peppering our month with tidbits to look forward to and today is no different. In a cryptic press email, the cover to Venom #21 is revealed which reads, “Alas…Venom Island” presumably the next big story arc after Absolute Carnage. Coming out December 2019 we also can see Donny Cates is teaming up with Spider-Man great Mark Bagley. The variant cover, see below, is by Clayton Crain.

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Given the skull, one can imagine Eddie isn’t doing so hot, or at the very least Venom has been sent to an island possibly due to the results of defeating Carnage in Absolute Carnage? Only time will tell!


December 2019


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