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Kickstarter Alert: The Royal Book Of Oz by Ruth Plumly Thompson

The Royal Book Of Oz is the 15th book in the Oz series.

There are just over 30 hours to go on a new Kickstarter for The Royal Book Of Oz from Clover Press. This Kickstarter supports and celebrates the work of Ruth Plumly Thompson with a brand new edition of The Royal Book of Oz featuring updated, all-new illustrations by Eisner Award-winning creator Sara Richard (Rick and Morty, My Little Pony) with an afterword by Eisner Award-winning artist and writer, Eric Shanower (Adventures in Oz, Oz Omnibus).

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The book has already reached its goal, but if you don’t act now you’ll miss out on grabbing a copy for yourself.

The Royal Book Of Oz is the 15th book in the Oz series. Released in 1921, the book was originally credited as the last to be written by series creator, L. Frank Baum who died in 1919, but the manuscript was said to have been completed before then. It wasn’t until years later that the truth behind this book’s origins was revealed.

The Kickstarter includes a variety of support including postcards, enamel pins, a copy of the book, a bumper sticker, a lunch box, art prints, and signed slipcase editions. What I am aiming for is to place social support to help get The Royal Book of Oz off the ground, and feel that you could help garner Clover Press backings for publication.

About Clover Press: Clover Press is a progressive, eclectic, boutique publisher. Created by the founders of IDW Publishing, Clover looks to celebrate authors and works in a non-mainstream way.


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