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Watch: Trailer for Antebellum

Watch the trailer for “Antebellum” here!

Janelle Monae is set to star in a movie from directors Gerard Bush and Christopher Renz. The duo also wrote the thriller. The film’s synopsis states it is about an author named Veronica Henley. She is trapped in a “horrifying reality” and must “uncover the mind-bending mystery before it is too late.”

Since being announced in March, Antebellum has provided few details to those interested. Today, a new trailer for the movie was released. It does give some clues as to what may be happening, but there is still much mystery surrounding the latest release from Bush and Renz.

The story seems to take place in different time periods. There are moments during the pre Civil War period alluded to in the movie’s title along with scenes from modern times. There is also a single bloody butterfly on the poster. How does it all connect?

One thing that has also been revealed is the release date. Antebellum is scheduled to hit theaters on April 24, 2020.


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