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Ghost-Spider #4 Review

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Ghost-Spider #4 Review

To say that Gwen Stacy has had it rough the last couple of years is an understatement. She’s fought ninjas and crazy scientists, and has even been arrested. So why would she think trying to go to college would be any different? Ghost-Spider #4 is no exception. The crazy shenanigans carry on as writer Seanan McGuire and artist Takeshi Miyazawa continue to bounce Ghost-Spider between Earth 65 and Earth 616.

Ghost-Spider (Gwen Stacy) has been using a dimensional pendant to travel back and forth between her world and Earth 616. On her Earth, everyone knows her secret identity but on Earth 616 they don’t. So, she comes up with the clever idea of dimension-hopping to Earth 616 so that she can go to college. Unbeknownst to her, on Earth 616 her arch-enemy Miles Warren exists as a professor at Empire State University, the school she’s enrolled in. 

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Ghost-Spider #4 Review

It isn’t long before he recognizes her and figures out what she’s up to. Meanwhile, Miles Warren on her Earth and Man-Wolf are cooking up a scheme to take her down for good. With double the trouble stacked against Ghost-Spider, the issue looks to build upon an epic multi-dimensional showdown in the not-too-distant future. 

The Writing

The best way to describe the writing in Ghost-Spider #4 is fun, humorous and spontaneous. It never feels repetitive or rushed. You can see that each tier leads to something bigger and as much as it is a superhero story, it’s also a story about a young woman coming into her own. Watching her run to class so she’s not late for the first day of class and helping people in a dark alley not get mugged is who Gwen Stacy is, much like Peter Parker.

Ghost-Spider #4 Review

The best part about the series so far is watching Gwen try her best to balance her life as a superhero, band member, and college student without losing her mind. The commitment and dedication it takes to juggle so many aspects of your life while doing the things that make you happy is a constant battle we all can relate to. It’s also a nice touch having Peter Parker show up in and out of the series as well. 

The Art

 Miyazawa pulls multiple duties running Ghost-Spider around like the White Rabbit from Alice in Wonderland. Like his prior work with the character, I love that his illustrations have the feel and tone that you’re inside Ghost-Spider’s universe. Whether it’s his action sequences, Gwen rocking out with her band, or the villains plotting their next move, his storytelling helps emphasize the greatness of the character.

Ghost-Spider #4 Review

The Verdict

 McGuire and Miyazawa do a magnificent job with Ghost-Spider #4. They continue to capture the humility, morality, sense of humor, and selflessness that make Ghost-Spider such a great character. Make sure to catch up with series if you haven’t already and add it to your list during your next trip to the comic shop. It’s worth checking out.

Ghost-Spider #4 Review
Ghost-Spider #4
Is it good?
Ghost Spider #4 is a great issue that shows what happens when things are going really well in a superhero's life and they let their guard down for even a second. Great visuals and a solid story.
Stakes get raised a bit more by the end of the Issue
Great pacing
Decent bits of humor
Solid script

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