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The Philosophy of Deadpool review

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The Philosophy of Deadpool review

The clip show that teaches you about life, the Wade Wilson way.

Philosophy is a deep study of the human condition and experiences. Sometimes, we can develop our own methods and creeds based off of what we have learned and observed.  Deadpool is a mutant cartoon everyone loves and has two films that has brought him even more fans of his wacky ways.  Titan Comics has decided to do the unthinkable and give us the Philosophy of Deadpool and share with us (or maybe warn us of) the Tao of Wade.  Let us jump into this book to see what it is about. 

The Philosophy of Deadpool review
Titan Comics

I found myself drawn to the idea of the book as this could be a fun trip down a crazy mind and these little auxiliary books are often full of new content and pretty fun — this reminds me of books like Bart Simpson’s Guide to Life and the Joker’s Joke Book.  Those books were fun extras with the character that you wouldn’t find in their normal TV shows or comics.  With this Deadpool one, however, I was a little let down as it was mostly a “clip show” of his moments from the comics; there’s a little new content that surrounds the pages, but very minor stuff. 

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The Philosophy of Deadpool review
Titan Comics

I’m no Deadpool expert, so I did enjoy reading this as a lot of the content was new to me, but I didn’t gain many new insights from it.  The topics look great as the book has eight chapters:   

  1.  I am Deadpool
  2. Deadpool’s Epic @$$-Kicking Showdown Countdown
  3. Deadpool’s Rules on Dating
  4. Deadpool Loves…
  5. Deadpool’s Top Romantic Moments
  6. Deadpool’s Team-Up Spectacular
  7. One of a Kind?
  8. Final Thoughts of Deadpool
The Philosophy of Deadpool review
Titan Comics

The chapter titles sound fun and these would be great expansions on how Deadpool interacts with those topics, but there isn’t much content to apply to the pages and panels.  The introduction was fun and whoever wrote that did a great job of tapping into their own inner Deadpool as the voice is spot on.  So overall if you are a hardcore Deadpool fan I would recommend you get this book to give to friends in order to convert them to “Wade-ism,” but you won’t find much new stuff in the book. 

The Philosophy of Deadpool review
Philosophy of Deadpool

If you’re a new comic fan or a Deadpool fan because of the movies, this is a fun little read that hopefully opens the door to even more Deadpool adventures from the comic books.  Not to say the book doesn’t have its merits. as it is going to create some laughs — just don’t expect new ground to be broken.  Keep in mind this book is 7 inches by 7 inches, so it can be a nice little present for the upcoming holidays. 

The Philosophy of Deadpool
Is it good?
This book is a great idea and I had fun reading it, but I would have loved more new content. Still, this might get new fans to come over to Deadpool's way of thinking.
Fun, humorous moments from Deadpool
Great little starter book into Wade's world
Very little new content if you're a long time fan
Was hoping to get more of Deadpool's insights on philosophy
Missed the mark, but still enjoyable
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