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Daredevil #15 review

Moving through Hell.

This is the last issue of Daredevil of the 2010s, and boy, do Chip Zdarsky, Marco Checchetto and Francesco Mobili deliver on this new chapter of “Through Hell.”  This creative team has taken us and the series’ characters on a wild ride. It’s also worth noting that issue #1 came out February 6th of this year, so we’ve been very lucky to get 12+ issues in a year.

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Daredevil #15

The issue opens very strong, with Wilson Fisk having to make a trip to the Stromwyn Campus to pay a visit face to face with the Stromwyn siblings.  I love how this is framed with Fisk being alone and just trapped with his thoughts.  The things Fisk is thinking are pretty wild as he is recognizing that they called upon him and he came to them; he is in their territory and he has something to lose.  Quite the change for Fisk as he is used to being the lion in the lair, not the sacrifice.  Just a great scene to open the issue with as everyone else is just going about their business, while Fisk might be going to war. 

Daredevil #15

A great surprise in this issue is that Foggy Nelson makes an appearance; long overdue in my opinion, as I believe that Matt does better when he has Foggy in his corner.  What is nice about their scene is that Matt is learning to start being open with those he is close to and he reveals that he is taking up an active role in crime fighting, but he won’t be Daredevil.  So, no red costume heroics for us, instead it will be a black suit ala the Man Without Fear costume with some tactical gear on it.  Matt does seem more focused which is great, as part of the reason why he ditched his reds was a person died while he was on duty. 

Daredevil #15

The issue focuses on just Matt and Fisk. Fisk finally makes it to the Stromwyns and they talk very openly about the death of their friend that took place in their home a couple of issues ago.  I like how Fisk decides to admit that he committed the murder and that he let his emotions get the best of him — a rather strong play on his part but does stay with his character.  The Stromwyns admit they are punishing him by allowing the protestors to attack Fisk’s plan of legalization, but it was an interesting twist as they are punishing him because the crime took place in the Stromwyns’ home.  These two characters are some twisted individuals, but they are people of power…and we’ve all heard how power can corrupt. 

The Stromwyns really put Fisk through hell as he is in their location, doing their bidding by having to fend off security guards that are bringing the hurt to Fisk.  They treat him like a common thug and Fisk does a great job, but he is overtaken…then just tossed aside like a piece of trash.  I wonder if that means he has paid his penance for the murder, or is Fisk totally unwelcome by the Stromwyns and their political circle?  The fight scenes are excellent and really hammered in the impact of the beating that Fisk took. They are so bad to the point of you almost feeling sorry for Fisk. 

Daredevil #15

Matt actually ends up way better off than Fisk. Like I mentioned earlier, Matt seems focused.  Elektra and Matt decide to pay the governor a visit in order to find out why the police are not taking care of Hell’s Kitchen.  The twist here are very interesting, not in the fact that the governor reveals that the Stromwyns have ordered the police out, but in the fact that no one can or will do anything about it.  It could be public knowledge, but who would care or be strong enough to make change against the Stromwyns? That’s a scary thought — we thought Fisk was bad, but this family is worse.  Matt and Elektra do a great job and manage to escape together in a car; Matt is so focused that he keeps Elektra from killing, as that is his new goal.  I like the fact that Elektra is excited about Matt’s newfound taste for adventure again and their escape really did take me back to Miller’s Man Without Fear. When you read the issue, you’ll see why. 

Is it good?
All in all a fantastic issue. I love the polar opposites of growth that are shown in Matt and Fisk. Matt makes an ascension on his personal grown while Fisk just hits rock bottom...hard. The drama continues to unfold as we make our way through Hell.
Stellar art. You can barely tell there are two artists on this issue, they deliver so much action
I love how the yin/yang of Matt and Fisk is happening as one rises the other falls
The Stromwyns are just total evil. Now that they have political power that's going to be a tough villain
The issue reads fast (or maybe it was just that intense?) and would've love to seen Detective Cole's struggle as well

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