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Galactus gains a new ally in ‘Thor’ #1

A new Herald of Galactus emerges in Donny Cates and Nic Klein’s Thor #1.

Spoilers ahead. You’ve been warned. For more read the review.

Of all the big new #1 issues coming out from Marvel Comics this month, Thor might be the most exciting. Jason Aaron just wrapped up a sure to be seminal seven year run on the character and is leaving behind big shoes to fill. Meanwhile, Donny Cates is taking over and might be the hottest writer in comics right now after a successful Absolute Carnage event while also making Venom more pertinent and interesting than ever. His first issue of Thor was without a doubt an exciting first issue with plenty of surprises, great art from Nic Klein and Matthew Wilson, and a new direction for the character. That new direction includes becoming something much more.

What is interesting about this issue is it sets up the fact that Mjolnir is a bit heavier these days for Thor. Something isn’t sitting right. Just as he’s about to give a speech to Asgard, something really big drops out of the sky. That something is Galactus!

We soon learn something called the Black Winter is coming to kill the universe. Galactus is the only thing that can stop it and Silver Surfer knows how to power up Galactus and make him stronger than ever (read the issue to find out more about that). He then submits himself to be Galactus’ herald once again.

That’s a heavy burden to bear for Silver Surfer, but alas, Galactus does not care.

You aren’t what he needs, Surfer! In a bit of exposition-laden dialogue, Galactus explains it is Thor that will be his end, but for the time being he must do something to him to have any hope of staying alive and making things right…

That’s right, folks. Thor is none other than the next Herald of Galactus! Aka, the Herald of…

Now that is badass. That would explain the new look of Thor which is glowing and much more cosmic in nature!

It’s worth noting the solicitation for Thor #4 hints at this reveal when it reads:

THOR’S GREATEST ENEMY – AND THE UNIVERSE’S ONLY SAVIOR – REVEALED! The Black Winter is coming – the end of the entire vast universe – and only one entity can stop it. The only one who has survived it before, Galactus the World-Eater, has come to Midgard… in search of a herald for the end of everything.

What do you think, is this a good change for Thor? Fans of What If? will note this isn’t the first time Thor was made Herald of Galactus as Robert Kirkman and Michael Avon Oeming played with the idea in the 2006 What If? story. Once again, I guess we have to hand it to Walking Dead creator Kirkman for being a visionary of sorts!

This is only a smidgen of the story though and I recommend you read the whole issue to get the full picture!

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