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DC’s Checkmate returns to combat Leviathan

Checkmate, Leviathan.

Around mid-2019, Brian Bendis (Superman) brought back terrorist group Leviathan – but in a very surprising place. Although the story began in Action Comics, it continued in mini-series Event Leviathan, reuniting Bendis with longtime collaborator Alex Maleev (Daredevil).

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But the story didn’t end there, with it now continuing in Action Comics and next month’s Leviathan Dawn #1. Even though Leviathan destroyed multiple espionage organizations, this April, one’s set for a return. In Event Leviathan: Checkmate, Green Arrow, Lois, Talia Al Ghul and the Question reunite to secretly take on Leviathan.

Bendis and Maleev reunite, sending our heroes further into a world of secrets and lies.

Event Leviathan: Checkmate #1 hits shelves April 22nd, running for six issues.


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