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GLOW vs. the Babyface #3 Review

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GLOW vs. the Babyface #3 Review

Elizabeth continues to be a pain in the butt while Bash prepares the girls for their broadcast interview.

The Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling are about to get a crash course on improv. Will they be well versed in time to interview on national television? Or will they quit before they even get started? Writers AJ Mendez (formerly known as WWE Superstar AJ Lee) and Aimee Garcia along with artist Hannah Templer dive deeper into their fantastic comic series with GLOW vs the Babyface #3.

The Story

The last issue saw Sam and his daughter Justine discover their resident stowaway thief Elizabeth wasn’t as bad off as they thought. Turns out she’s the daughter of a very flirty posh divorcee who cares more about becoming a star than raising her kid. GLOW vs the Babyface #3 sees Elizabeth’s mom try to sabotage Sam and GLOW to steal their national news interview for her own opportunistic gain. Meanwhile, the Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling get improv training from Bash to make a good impression for the interviewer, Wendi Blayze.

GLOW vs. the Babyface #3 Review

The Writing

GLOW vs the Babyface is a fearless triumph. The writing in issue #3, much like the previous chapters, remains interesting, engaging, and cleverly humorous with nerdy lines like “I came here to feed ducks and kick ass, and I’m all out of bread.” You can tell that Mendez, Garcia, and Templer are really having a ball bringing this comic series to life. They’ve even gone as far as giving themselves honorary wrestling nicknames, like Death Hug and Half Pint Dynamite. Liz Flahive and Carly Mensch would be so proud of this series. The comedic timing of the dialogue couldn’t be better and there are delightful Easter eggs and nerd culture everywhere. Also, the comic isn’t bogged down with a bunch of wrestling action — in fact, there isn’t any at all. Instead, it allows the narrative to stick with the characters which ultimately helps them grow more as the story progresses.

The plot revolves around relationship issues — for example, the disconnection between Elizabeth and her mom. It focuses on a child who runs away and does things clearly to substitute for the love, nurturing, and support she’s not getting at home. I also loved the storyline about Yolanda Rivas, aka Junkchain. More and more, comics are starting to become more inclusive of LGBTQ stories, but thankfully here doesn’t merely feel like they’re just trying to check off a box — instead, it’s thoughtful, organic, funny, and very relatable material.

GLOW vs. the Babyface #3 Review

The Art

It’s almost uncanny how accurate the character designs are for this series. Temper’s facial emotions invoke a certain quality that just helps enhance the characters and the reader’s experience. In addition to that, the panel flow in conjunction with the artwork is just amazing. Some of my personal panel favorites are with Melrose and Elizabeth.

The Verdict

GLOW vs the Babyface #3 is another fantastic issue from Mendez, Garcia, and Templer. If you haven’t checked out the first two books there’s still plenty of time to get your hands on them. With one issue left in the first arc, I’ll be the first to say that I hope there’s another one in development sooner than later. Pick up your copy at your local comic shop today and see what all the fuss is about. The hype is REAL!

GLOW vs. the Babyface #3 Review
GLOW vs the Babyface #3
Is it good?
GLOW vs the Babyface #3 is a delightful treat filled with nostalgic pop-culture references and fun and hysterical moments. I can't wait to read the next one. Keep em coming.
Great pacing
Superb comedic timing in the dialogue
Solid writing

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