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Runaways #31 Review

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Runaways #31 Review

The Runaways can never catch a break from evil parents.

Runaways continues to do what it does best: Have teenage superheroes fight evil super villain parents, all while doing ridiculous stunts along the way.

In the previous issue of Runaways, our favorite teens had combined forces with local superhero Doc Justice. Standing by his side, the Runaways also dawned superhero costumes, despite how awkward it felt for them. Nothing can go right for these teenage misfits, especially when an adult is involved in their lives. To their misfortune, Doc Justice is using to the Runaways to stage their deaths to make martyrs of them, while he would continue to stand in the spotlight.

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As soon as Doc Justice turns on the team, the Runaways are on him in seconds. Of course this is The Runaways, so their action sequences are comedic and full of laughs. Nico crashes a bed into Doc Justice’s face, Gertrude rides in a car with Old Lace in the back, and Gib is too hungry to fight.

Runaways #31 Review

Despite the comedy, there is a moment where Doc Justice is beating the ever-living hell out of these teens. He doesn’t care, and honestly that is darker than when their parents turned out to be super villains trying to destroy the world. As soon an adult starts physically abusing a kid, the line has been crossed. Luckily for these teens, they have superpowers, and find a way together to take him down.

Doc Justice’s own son, Matthew, turns against him because he cannot stand by and watch other kids like himself be sacrificed in his father’s image. It’s clear that Matthew will be joining the team of Runaways, but that is something has always been charming about this series – bringing together misfit teens. In a fun twist of events, Matthew doesn’t have any superpowers, besides being a master hacker. They could use one of those on their team, especially with Alex Wilder out of the picture… or is he?

Runaways #31 Review
Runaways #31
Is it good?
This issue of Runaways is light-hearted and a quick read. It's designed for young teens to enjoy and relate to, so of course another parental figure turns out to be a villain. I do feel like this is the quintessential Runaways team, but it does sometimes lack the depth the original run had back in the early 2000s.
Fun and humorous action sequences.
Nico hurdles a bed into Doc Justice's face.
I love that the Runaways continue to collect lost teens from evil super villain parents.
A little too simple of a read, and very short.
The kid vs. evil super villain trope is getting played out, especially in the Runaways.

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