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AIPT Comics Podcast Episode 64: John Allison talks worldbuilding and Wicked Things, plus we recap the pulse of the comic industry

‘Giant Days’ creator John Allison talks about his new series, plus we recap the biggest news of the week.

This week, special guest John Allison joins us to talk about his new BOOM! Studios series Wicked Things. The new detective series spins a character from Allison’s universe. We also talk about the industry, the troubles of worldbuilding in a who-done-it, play Superfight (Sherlock Holmes vs. Charlotte), and check in on what Allison is reading and what he’s into that’s not comics-related.

In our latest edition recapping the week in comic books out March 18th, Forrest and Dave keep it real as we recap the news however harrowing it may be. In the top of our news, Image announces measures to help retailers during the pandemic, and many publishers are postponing certain comics, the national comics non-profit Weird Enough Productions makes materials free, Diamond coordinating retail/publisher coronavirus response, Free Comic Book Day postponed, Vampire: The Masquerade returns to comics at Vault, new details on New Warriors, James Tynion fed up with social media creates own message board, and finally Marvel June solicitations, any surprises?

Our Picks of the Week


  1. Plunge #2 (W: Joe Hill, A: Stuart Immonen)
  2. Spider-Woman #1 (W: Karla Pacheco, A: Pere Pérez)


  1. Alienated #2 (W: Si Spurrier, A: Chris Wildgoose)
  2. BANG! #2 (W: Matt Kindt, A: Wilfredo Torres)

Our favorite cover art of the week goes to X-Men #9 (Leinil Francis Yu) and Killing Red Sonja #1 (Christian Ward).

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