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Marvel Comics working on a “larger scale plan” to address shipping stoppage

More than likely new comics won’t be shipped April 1, but there may be hope.

We’re all clamoring for more information as Diamond Comics Distributors let it be known they were halting all comic book shipments after this week. There is word smaller publishers like Dark Horse Comics and Dynamite were halting shipping and not selling new comics digitally, but as far as the big two (DC Comics and Marvel Comics) it has been rather quiet. That is, until earlier today when Newsarama reported Marvel Comics contacted Direct Market retailers to tell them they are working on a “larger scale plan” with Diamond Comics Distributors to get shipping back on track. Newsarama also posted the statement:

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“As soon as Marvel and DCD have the proper knowledge on what the future likely holds during these trying times of a Global Pandemic, we will update the FOC dates and On Sale Dates,” read the statement. “We assure you there is a larger scale plan being worked on for the upcoming shipping schedule and thank you for your patience.”

This seems to suggest Marvel Comics is may be working on a way to sell comics each week, in some capacity, even with quarantines setting the industry and the nation into disarray. That’s a relief in some sense since it means they’re trying to find a solution rather than wait for COVID-19 to go away altogether.

The larger question of whether Marvel and other publishers will attempt to sell new comics digitally while comic shops and Diamond Comics Distributors remain closed. For the most part, most publishers have kept mum on what their next moves are likely due to the pandemic constantly evolving.


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