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'Butt Boy' will be a VERY polarizing film.

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‘Butt Boy’ Review: Comedic genius or just plain dumb?

‘Butt Boy’ will be a VERY polarizing film.

Some movies are destined to be cult favorites. These films do not cater to a mass audience and are quickly forgotten at first. Over time, they find a loyal fan base and have an odd lasting appeal. They deal with off the wall subject matter or are just impossible to describe. Butt Boy is one of those movies. Making its world premiere at 2019’s Fantastic Fest, the movie is a surreal experience that follows Chip Gutchell. Chip is an average man who develops a strange addiction. This leads to a game of cat and mouse that is familiar and disgusting.

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Butt Boy will be a VERY polarizing film. As the title suggests, there is one major recurring joke. How accepting a person is of toilet humor will immediately color their opinion of the movie. Credit to director and writer Tyler Cornack for the diversity of the jokes. From Chip looking longingly at various objects to misadventures inside of the human anatomy, the film is it varied in its comedy.

The script does not just limit itself to scatological humor, however. There is a very well written parody going on here. Butt Boy is not just filled with an hour and a half of gross out humor. It takes many tropes of television police procedurals and uses them to great affect. Tyler Rice does a great job of playing Detective Russel Fox. He is instantly recognizable. The detective has an under unkempt beard, swears like a sailor, and has a gruff exterior. He is even a recovering alcoholic with relationship problems!

What makes the parody work so well is how serious everyone takes it. From the actors to the script, the only comedic element is the premise itself. The performances are not over the top and the characters can be found on prime time television. At a glance, this is just an average movie. It is in the details that Butt Boy stands out.

This brings things back to the beginning. The movie’s commitment to its dour tone is commendable. Not everyone will laugh at or appreciate the joke. If anything, many will not understand or enjoy it. The problem is that not everyone will get what Butt Boy is gong for. The question becomes, what is the worth of comedy if everyone misses the joke?

Butt Boy is one of the most unique movies to come along in years. The writing, directing, and acting do a wonderful job of giving a silly premise a serious atmosphere. What is most impressive the serious atmosphere is kept throughout the entire thing. The film may not be for everyone, but it poses lots of interesting questions. 


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