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Do your part to help the comic book industry and get new comic book content.

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Get your comic book fix with Quarantine Comix presented by Image Comics and Ice Cream Man

Do your part to help the comic book industry and get new comic book content.

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For the comic book fan hungry for the latest and greatest, it’s slim pickings these days. There are options, however, like digital collections appearing on Comixology and creative ways creators are getting content to fans during this trying time. But how do we help the comic shops who are hurting? Vault has come up with creative ways to do so and it’s quite something to see how other creators are stepping up.

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Case in point, Deniz Camp and W Maxwell Prince’s Quarantine Comix. The creative team behind Ice Cream Man will be posting all-new ICM mini-comics once or twice a week. The first two are already available. Selling for $1.99 each half of the profits go to Book Industry Charitable Foundation.

What are you waiting for, get some new content and help out today!


In an effort to help brick-and-mortar comic shops during the COVID-19 crisis, the creative team behind Ice Cream Man, in coordination with Image Comics, will be posting all-new mini comics (2-4 pages) on weekly. They’ll be sold as PDFs, for $1.99 a pop. (The site launches this Thursday.)

Half of all proceeds go to the Book Industry Charitable Foundation (BINC), which supports struggling booksellers. This includes local Comic Book Shops, who are facing unprecedented financial hardship after the closure of many of their stores, the temporary shuttering of their distribution system, and the non-operation of pretty much every paper printer in the country. (To wit: there’s no way to release new comics into stores right now—the entire industry is essentially on pause.)

Comic Book Shops are essential to the future of this kooky little medium— creators of all stripes rely on them to get their art into the hands of interested readers. So here we are, trying our best to help in a small way.

And if you’re still jonesin’ for the Real McCoy (e.g., if you’re looking to finally read that beloved graphic novel you’ve always been interested in, or in dire need of volume 4 of Ice Cream Man) visit to find a local comics purveyor; give them a call—they very well might provide easy home delivery, or even curbside pickup.

Cheers, and stay healthy.

-Team ICM


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