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Join us as we dive deep into Alan Moore's Swamp Thing, recap the news, and more!

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AIPT Comics Podcast episode 69: Book club breakdown #4 – Alan Moore’s The Saga of the Swamp Thing

Join us as we dive deep into Alan Moore’s Swamp Thing, recap the news, and more!

This week, Dave and Forrest go deep on Alan Moore and John Totleben’s The Saga of the Swamp Thing Book One run. We analyze Swamp Thing #20-27, discuss what worked, what didn’t, and their favorite narrative moments. Plus, what were the implications of the series on the decades of comics since? We break it down.

Before that, Dave and Forrest recap the biggest news of the week. At the top of our list, DC Comics announces new slate of digitally available comics 7 days a week and the first week of titles are here. DC Comics will also release three brand new titles to readers and they are Daphne Byrne #4, Batman Giant #4, and The Dreaming #20. DC got a bit of a push back from  Diamond who refuted DC’s claim about canceled orders, and Jim Lee debuts 20th sketch on AIPT in his 60 days of 60 sketches to benefit comic shops. Also, Kodansha signs on with InkyPen app, adding Attack on Titan, Parasyte, others to Nintendo Switch Reading and Yen Press releases titles simultaneously in English and Japanese. Finally, Bill Sienkiewicz makes waves as he shares a risque reference photo, and artists take it and run with #billsbuttchallenge.

In the Saga of the Swamp Thing Book One book club portion of the show, we talk about our favorite art from the series so far. Check it out below!

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