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Conspiracy Cruise


[CFF 2020]: ‘Conspiracy Cruise’ Review: Spreading the truth – for a price

How much would you pay to learn the truth?

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Everyone knows at least one conspiracy theorist. Those who do not have one in their immediate group of family and friends have probably had a lengthy conversation with one. If nothing else, hearing about conspiracies is easier now than it ever has been. Anyone who stays on the internet long enough can attest to that. With just a few keystrokes, a person can learn about all sorts of crazy plans without ever looking for them.

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Conspiracy Cruise is a short film about a former rock star named Gordon Pike. Pike’s career came to a halt after he revealed the truth to the public about a wide ranging government conspiracy. He now attends speaking events where he discusses what he knows. His latest engagement takes him to a cruise ship. The event does not have as many attendees as he expected leading to an epiphany and a possible revelation.

The short will keep audiences engaged the entire time. The premise alone is funny. A former famous musician turned conspiracy theorist is not just inspired thinking. It is something that is actually making headlines in the newsConspiracy Cruise is also filled with not so subtle jabs at those who believe in a large scale plot perpetrated by the government. Pike’s presentation is hilarious and the conversations held on board he ship are true to life. It is a very easy film to watch.

Director Brad Abrahams does an excellent job. The music playing during the meet up after the speech is perfect for the story being told. There is also some great camera work. This is most noticeable after Pike spends some time alone in his room. The audience is given a point of view tour of the ship that gives a clue to Pike’s state of mind. The closing moments of the Conspiracy Cruise are shot in a way that draws the audience in.

This is also where the biggest questions will arise. Ultimately, what is the message behind Conspiracy Cruise? It deals with themes such as greed, desperation, and what people are willing to believe. There is never a deep enough dive into any of the characters, however. There is an idea behind Pike’s motivations, but the ending seems to say otherwise. In itself, this is not a problem and is a common plot twist in many films. Unfortunately, the abrupt finish does not give time for this turn of events to have its maximum impact.


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