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Marvel Comics is extending their digital only release schedule.

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Marvel Comics reveals new digital-first titles for June 3, June 17, and July 1

Marvel Comics is extending their digital only release schedule.

Marvel Comics surprised comic book fans on May 6 when they announced digital-only titles once set for physical release in comic book shops. Today, Marvel is extending the release schedule of digital titles now dubbing them “digital-first” titles. The new branding is noticeable due to the language shifting from digital-only to “digital-first” and also DC Comics has used the term digital-first for their digital releases over the last few weeks.

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In a press release sent to AIPT, Marvel states:

These comics will only be available as digital comics for the time being; however, they will be available in print collections later this year for fans looking to add them to their Marvel bookshelves. More information about these comics will be shared at a later date.

With that said, single issues won’t be printed, but we will see these stories in trade paperbacks soon enough.

A few of the titles announced were prior digital only releases like 2020 Ironheart and Hawkeye: Freefall, but a few titles that dropped off the recent Marvel July release announcement have popped up. Notably, Valkyrie, Scream: Curse of Carnage, and Revenge of the Cosmic Ghost Rider are now “digital-first” titles.

For the full list read below!

Marvel Comics Release Schedule (Digital-First):

Wednesday, June 3:

Wednesday, June 17:

Wednesday, July 1:

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