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Is It Any Good? Antichrist

‘Antichrist’ is repulsively disgusting and downright trashy.

I’m just naturally very attracted to films of this nature. Psychological horror films that twist your mind are just so interesting. I’ve found that some of the most intelligent films ever made come from this genre. I was hoping this film would be similar to some of my favorite films like The Witch or Midsommar, but unfortunately it’s not. Antichrist is an utterly pointless film that’s not only boring and frustratingly empty, but also repulsively disgusting and just downright trashy. It’s a shame that such talented actors chose to take part in this waste of film.

There’s only one good thing about Antichrist and that’s the cast’s performances. Willem Dafoe and Charlotte Gainsbourg give impressive performances and show they have what it takes. Unfortunately, their performances weren’t in service to any kind of meaningful character build up and certainly not to any interesting narrative. I honestly have no clue why either of these talented actors chose to take part in this project. If I were them I wouldn’t have gotten anywhere near this trash.

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Now let me stress something here. I LOVE this genre, I adore psychological thrillers WHEN DONE WELL. The problem with Antichrist is that there is no intriguing creepy story to revel in. The plot for this film ends up being empty and pointless. I’m sure the filmmakers and some people think it all meant something powerful and I can kind of see one or two analogies this film could possibly represent… but who cares?!

This film forces you to sit through an hour and half of boring seemingly meaningless events and then shows you repulsive images and for what? You have to jump through hoops to try to make this “story” mean anything. A well made psychological thriller doesn’t need its audience to do mental gymnastics to bring some sense of meaning to the film. 

I was reminded of mother! while watching this and was thinking about how well that film did what this film seems to try to be doing. The reason that film is so good is because it was well written and followed a path, whereas this film just wanders around and comes across as lost. There are certain things that just randomly happen over the course of this film and I sat there confused and disgusted by what was unfolding before me…. for no good reason! There is nothing of any value when it comes to this muddled empty story and there’s also hardly any value at all to these characters we’re stuck with.

Is It Any Good? Antichrist

I found both Dafoe and Gainsbourg’s characters to be so off putting, right from the start I just didn’t care about them. Dafoe came across as too distant and almost detached from reality in a weird way and Gainsbourg was just all over the place. In the beginning, her character is reeling from tragedy and is understandably distraught but then she takes a turn for crazy and because this script is a piece of crap, we never really know why. Her character is all over the place and we never get a reason as to why, so I just got tired and bored of her.

The script cannot connect the dots it sets up for us in any meaningful way and because of that the film as a whole is pointless. Not everything in a film has to be spelled out, sometimes leaving some things to the imagination is effective and powerful, but here… the writers just flat out didn’t do their jobs. We are asked to make sense of this jumbled gross mess of a film they’ve constructed and I for one came up with nothing. 

Speaking of leaving things to the imagination…. I could not believe some of the things this film showed.  Now just so we’re clear, if you want to show full frontal male or female nudity, that doesn’t bother me. What does bother me is when you show things that are just absolutely repulsive and are just unnecessary. Tjat is what I call trashy. This film is very trashy.

I felt like many of the gross images were shown simply to shock people and that is not “art”, that’s just being gross and perverse for no reason. The extremely graphic perversely violent nature of several scenes are simply not necessary and I don’t understand wanting to subject the audience to such filth when it serves no narrative purpose. Antichrist is not meaningful or interesting, it’s empty and trashy in the most repulsive way I’ve ever seen. 

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I wish I could go back in time and not see this film because it was a waste of my time and damaging to my eyes! Avoid this empty disgusting garbage at all costs! 

Is It Any Good? Antichrist
Antichrist is a pointless empty horror film that shows us repulsive imagery for no reason other than to simply be shocking and trashy.
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Willem Dafoe's acting
Charlotte Gainbourg's acting
The script is frustratingly empty and meaningless
There are random repulsive images that serve no purpose other than to shock and be trashy
The characters are just misrable people and for no good reason
There isn't much character build up at all
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